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The bSmart Campus Ambassador program gives students the opportunity to create empowering and supportive content, grow their digital brand through blogging, online activity, and social media sharing, and increase their network connecting with bSmart members and other campus ambassadors.  As a Campus Ambassador, you're invited to blog for bSmart, become an online community group leader, host bSmart parties, invite your friends to join, and participate in monthly video chats with your Ambassador Manager! 

See the full bSmart Campus Ambassador program overview below! 


Step 1) Create a profile on here!

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Step 2) Fill out the bSmart on Campus application here!

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Step 3) Find your Campus Ambassador Manager assignment here!

(Find your assignment and the assignment of your friends to work together on campus!)


Within 2 weeks of filling out the application, we'll let you know your bSmart Campus Manager Ambassador assignment!

Create, share, and recruit your fellow students when you share how to be #bSmartOnCampus. 



Campus Ambassador Resources

(Are you a bSmart Campus Ambassador? Find our list of empowering resources below!)


Campus Ambassador Program Overview

Campus Ambassador Submission (Template)

Sample CA Submission (Template) 


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