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Want to share bSmart with your friends?  Host a bSmart party to learn, connect, and promote the smart women in your community!  Watch bSmart live streaming events or videos of inspiring women, ask challenging questions to grow as women leaders, share your experiences, and receive support!  Invite your friends to join the bSmart community and share how they can become bloggers, community mentors, sellers in the market, and campus ambassadors!


Step 1) Invite your friends to join bSmart here!

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Step 2) Register your bSmart Party for us to connect and support you here!

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Step 3) Click here to create a bSmart Party event and invite your friends!

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Hosting Tips

(Planning your party? Use the below tips to create a supportive and empowering experience!) 

Sample Agenda

1) Introductions + Ice Breaker: Click this link for a sample agenda and list of ice breakers!

2) Watch the bSmart live video here, recordings, or inspiring women videos here.

3) Ask a thought provoking or personal question on the topic for everyone to share here.

4) Participate in our hashtag activity to connect with bSmart members online here.

5) Invite your friends to join the bSmart community to:  



Wondering where to host your party? Invite your friends to your home, dorm, or intimate event space! 

Wondering what to serve? Ask your guests to bring what they would like to drink and provide a sweet or salty treat!


Social Media

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2) Share your event photos and video with our event hashtag and we'll share your post!

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Technical Tips

Watching a bSmart Live Stream?

1) Encourage guests to create bSmart accounts before the live stream to participate in our hashtag activity.

2) Make sure your computer volume and YouTube video volume are turned up high.

3) Open a second window to participate in the conversation on the activity stream here. (Refresh the page to see new activity.)

4) Open a third window to ask your questions about bSmart programs in Q&A the forum here.


 Want to understand the guidelines of hosting a bSmart party? Read our Terms of Use here! 

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions before, during, or after your bSmart party!