The bSmart Community Mentor Program connects up to 10 bSmart members in small groups who are committed to each other’s success by sharing their experiences and caring about each other’s challenges as they become empowered, equipped, and supported.  And to further develop those members as women leaders by facilitating their own Community Mentor Groups so that all bSmart members can achieve their goals and change the world.

Navigating life isn't easy.  As a member of a Community Mentor Group you'll receive support and advice on any topic you choose.  Whether it's entrepreneurship, finances, career, or your love life, we'll find a supportive group for you. Groups meet every other week via an online video chat and connect in a private forum to provide support and advice throughout the week!

Interested in leading your own mentor group?  We offer a 12-week program to train you in The bSmart Guide curriculum, Leadership Manual, and steps to create your group!  See the full bSmart Leadership Training + Support program details below!  


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Leadership and mentor group placement is quarterly. Within 2 weeks of filling out the Leader / Mentor Form, we'll reach out with the start date of your leadership training!

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Leadership Training + Support Program

The bSmart Leadership Training + Support Program is a 12 week video chat alternating 6 weeks of bSmart training with 6 weeks of Apprentice Leadership experience.  Recruit friends to join your mentor group and become Apprentice Leaders or fill your group with existing members of the bSmart community to make new friends!  Receive one-on-one monthly video chat coaching, attend optional training video chats with other leaders, tune in to our monthly bSmart Town Hall webcast, and join us for our annual leadership retreat!
Week 1 - Leadership Manual Overview
Week 2 - Apprentice Leadership
Week 3 - Core Value Training
Week 4 - Apprentice Leadership
Week 5 - bSmart Guide Curriculum
Week 6 - Apprentice Leadership
Week 7 - Technology Overview
Week 8 - Apprentice Leadership
Week 9 - Leadership Feedback
Week 10 - Apprentice Leadership
Week 11 - Leadership Feedback
Week 12 - Apprentice Leadership
Celebrate and launch your bSmart group with your Apprentice Leader! 


  • Monthly One-On-One Coaching Video Chat
  • Monthly Training + Gathering Video Chat
  • Monthly Town Hall Webcast
  • Quarterly bSmart Party in NYC
  • Annual Leadership Retreat

Love your bSmart leadership experience? Become a bSmart Coach and train the next generation of bSmart leaders!




Community Mentor Leaders

(Are you a Community Mentor Leader? Find our list of smart resources below!)  

Community Mentor Leader Manual - Summer 2016

Community Mentor Member Manual - Summer 2016

bSmart Core Values of Leadership

The bSmart Guide Curriculum

How to Use bSmart Groups

1Q15 - Feedback Survey

bSmart Member Feedback

bSmart Leader Feedback



Want to understand the guidelines of joining a community mentorship group? Read our Terms of Use here.  

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