One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Goals are just dreams with a plan.’  Now that January 1st has come and gone, it's common to think about your goals (or resolutions) for a fresh start in a brand new year.  However, many people lose sight of these resolutions because the old habits are hard to break and life gets in the way.  I've compiled a list of 5 simple strategies to make sure this doesn’t happen and you can achieve all of your goals in the New Year!


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1) Start Small, Think Big

Come the New Year, everyone has big ideas regarding their resolutions.  Whether it be working out more, spending more time with friends (or yourself), or starting a new hobby, these big ideas can overwhelm you and then get pushed to the wayside.  Although you might have one big goal, you can achieve it by completing smaller milestones throughout the year.  Don’t forget about the big picture, but don’t let it scare you either.

2) Take It Slow

Focus on your New Year’s resolutions day by day and/or week by week.  Whatever your goal may be, you want it to become habitual, so thinking on a smaller scale will make your goals seem more attainable.  And remember to revel in your little victories.  Celebrating small wins will help to keep you motivated long-term.

3) Have Benchmark Goals

This is essential if you want to achieve your resolutions.  Establish specific deadlines for when you want to complete parts of a certain goal.  If your resolution is to read more, tell yourself by March 15th you need to have read 3 books, then 6 more by June 15th.  Or, if exercising regularly is your resolution, consult a doctor or dietician about healthy habits and proper workout regiments for you height, weight and age.  If you have mini-deadlines, your resolutions will stay on track the whole year versus dying out after February.

4) Journal It

I've always been a firm believer in writing things down.  Whether it's an inspirational quote, random thoughts, or daily musings, it's very cathartic to write it out.  It's also helpful in the process of attaining your New Year’s resolutions because you can track where you've been and how far you've come.


Don’t forget about the big picture, but don’t let it scare you either.


5) Grab Your Gals

There's nothing better than having a support system as you try to achieve your resolutions for the New Year.  Talk with your friends and establish similar goals as a team.  If you have people counting on you to show up, whether that's at the new workout class or a book club, you'll be more inclined to go.  Moreover, when you're struggling with your resolution, it's helpful to have friends to lean when all of you are sharing the same experience.


Gabriella Bower is a student at New York University.  Her two passions have always been fashion and philanthropy and she works to incorporate both aspects into her life as often as she can.  Read more of Gabriella’s work ranging from current trends to short essays and social justice oriented posts on her blog Read Between the Hemlines.


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