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  •   sana kanvinde reacted to this post about 5 months ago
    Hello wonderful bSmart ladies!

    Today, I am focusing on the core value #Vision !!

    Vision: A bSmart woman understands that leadership begins with a clear vision for herself and others.

    As women, we are often discouraged from having specific career and lifestyle goals (by society and subsequently by our peers and ourselves)

    Create a mission statement for yourself, and don’t shy away from dreaming big, recognizing your full potential, and being specific.

    Some example statements to get you started:
    - I’m at my best when…
    - My goal in life is to pursue…
    - My strengths are...
    - I will find opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts by…
    - I am inspired by…
    - The 3 most important values in my life are…
    - As an ideal friend/ family member/ co-worker/ citizen of the earth I want to…

    My mission is to pursue editing, writing, and marketing by building a strong network, dedicating my time and energy to every job and opportunity, and working my way up so that I can work for a successful magazine or editorial company. I’m at my best when I practice self care, stay organized, am doing something I enjoy, and have a supportive social circle. I would like to pursue entrepreneurship, help others (especially in the mental health realm), and be supportive, compassionate, and generous to friends, family, and others in my environment.

    What's your #vision for yourself? What's your #vision for others?

    To start, I’m tagging: Jisu Choi Ursula Choi Alexandra Rivera Becky Hoving Olivia Mills

    Feel free to comment, tag others, and share on your stream!

    When we, as women, support each other in fulfilling our goals, great things can happen
    ‏ — feeling empowered
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  •   Angelina Eimannsberger commented on this post about 5 months ago
    Joanna Gaden uploaded a new audio
    Hi bSmart women! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!

    I’m kicking off the Bsmart Babes’ music sharing series!

    I created a collaborative playlist on Spotify entitled “Bsmart Babes” Feel free to add your favorite songs for de-stressing, female empowerment, commuting, and/or everyday listening!

    If you don’t have a Spotify account or would like to also share a list of songs, comment below!

    Some of my current favorites are:
    1. Japanese Denim- Daniel Caeser
    2. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards- Tame Impala
    3. Superwoman- Alicia Keys
    4. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)- The Lumineers version
    5. Unstoppable- Lianne La Havas

    I’m tagging:Angelina Eimannsbergerr Tracy Kimm Nina Godridge Nicoletta ClausennSydney Taylorr Becky Hovingg Jasmin Boycee

    **Copy / paste the above link on your wall, then tag 5 bSmart women for them to share and contribute to the playlist too!
    Include these instructions when you copy/paste for us to keep the mentoring and networking going!**
    Bsmart Babes, a playlist by Joanna Gaden on Spotify
    Share your favorite tunes for female empowerment, relaxation, de-stressing, or just for every day listening <3
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  • Welcome to bSmart! We are so glad to have you here. By clicking on the profile icon on the top right, you can find 'groups' and 'members' - joining mentorship groups and befriending members are great ways to start building your bSmart network! You can use the 'advanced search' to find members, or simply start by befriending other new or recently active members as well as bSmart women that share interests with you and who you'll be in groups with.

    What are some of the projects and goals we can support you with?

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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