Smitha Devadas
Why do we reminisce about yesterday?  A day that has gone by.
Why do we write about the past?  A past that has bid a definitive goodbye.
Instead why don’t we write our stories,
Not about the bygones but about the possibilities…

Why don’t we write ‘A mandatory letter to our future selves,’ penning exactly what we want our tomorrows to be like.  Because the future holds a promise that the past cannot fathom.


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‘Dear Future Me,

        I want to tell you how proud of you I already am.  It is the vague notion of you that keeps me happy today.  The same notion woke me up from my slow slumber, where pain was the only true companion.  I love every being of you because you inspire me to be all that I can be and beyond.  Ever since I took notice of you I stopped living a dream and started creating a reality.

        Today I realize that the world, my world, can be anything that I want it to be.  The world holds such promise to the one who wants to see it.  The world seems compassionate and empathetic to the one who wants to feel it.  Such is the magic of true living — today I cherish every moment that makes me realize — this is life and I am truly alive.

        My Dear Future Self: tomorrow, when our paths cross, we are sure to let out a delightfully victorious sigh.  For we had the courage to let life happen.  To carry on and carry on with resilience and pride.  Pride for all that led us to today, all that made us who we are.  For not etching life in stone but for letting it meander through the woods, under the warmth of the sun and the shadows of the night.  For continuing the journey by giving life to the lifeless; end to the endless; nurturing, transforming, opening up, narrowing down; forever courageous.

        Experiences have taught us that courage always beats circumstance.  Continue to be courageous for I will forever be in your corner rooting for you!


Present Me.’


Now it’s your turn.  Stop what you are doing right now.  Take a piece of paper or fire up your laptop.  Stare back at the blank page in front of you with courage and start penning down a letter to your future self — one sentence at a time.  Make this letter your very first step towards a future of not just your making, but of your liking.


Smitha is an Advertising copywriter by profession. Having run a successful food blog called ‘Foodishly In Love’ in the Middle East, she has relocated to Los Angeles, California to pursue a Degree in Digital Marketing at UCLA.  Today her writings are inspired by the lessons learnt while riding the highs and battling the lows.  Everytime she sets pen to paper she aims to create a space where her readers feel understood… assuring them that they are being heard and not judged.


Comments (11)

  1. Regine Johnece Boykin

This was beautiful!

  1. Samantha Ann

I never thought to do this! Can't wait to give it a try!!

  1. Smitha Devadas    Samantha Ann

Do it Samantha.... it's totally freeing.. do let me know how it goes

  1. Meagan Hooper    Samantha Ann

You'll love Samantha Ann! Let me know how it goes!


Cant wait to try this!! Another absolutely excellent post Smitha!!! <3


Hey Angelina....Thanks for giving it a read...I can't wait for you to try it as well... Do let me know how it goes... Love Alway!


It was a great experience! It made very clear to me which goals mean the most to me and that there are things I don't want to compromise on. Thank you for suggesting this


Glad to note you were able to revisit your goals. Good Luck with that. I am positive you will achieve each and everyone of them. Thank you for trying it out Angelina

  1. Meagan Hooper

I did this yesterday and I have to say, it's one of the most empowering activities i've ever done. I can honestly say a real shift occurred inside of me as a result of addressing my futures self. I highly recommend this activity!

  1. Smitha Devadas    Meagan Hooper

Thanks Meagan... Makes me happy to know you wrote the letter to your future self. And I can completely relate to the shift you are talking about. I feel a little part within me energize, every time I give the letter a read. Thank you!!!

  1. bSmart Guide    Meagan Hooper

Such a great exercise for all bSmart women!


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