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  3. Wednesday, 08 March 2017
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Hi All!

Below is our Intern Expectations Guide.


General Guidelines of Intern Values:

Communication (Integrity) - Reply within 24 hours with ‘yes I can’ or ‘No I can’t’ by that day and then follow-through. If your status changes, let us and your team members know ASAP so that we can cover your tasks.

Consistency (Discipline) - We have many moving parts that rely on each other, timeliness and consistency are more important than perfect and late. It is a chain reaction when 1 task is delayed or not done.

Feedback (Growth) - In order for you and us to improve, we need to both reflect weekly on what worked and what could be better and then iterate accordingly. This approach of consistent reflection and feedback is what makes people and projects successful. 

Team Participation: (Respect) - If you're not going to be able to join our feedback video chats, please let us know prior to 24 hours so that we can plan. If you're going to be traveling, please let us know as soon as you know so that we can plan for other members to cover your tasks.


3 Project Types:


1) ‘Run’ bSmart Projects - These are recurring tasks that keep bSmart running

  • Editorial Operations: Intern
    • Blogging
    • Editing posts
    • Art Direction
    • Operations: Loading posts
      • Final review
    • Social sharing of post
  • Community Operations: 
    • Stream curation items - Online Leaders
  • Social Media - Interns
    • Twitter 
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest 
    • Tumblr
    • YouTube
  • Monthly Newsletter prep
    • 2 Learn
    • 1 Event
    • 1 Market
  • Market
    • TBD
  • Analytics
    • Weekly Analytics sheet

*Weekly recurring tasks that require 30 minutes - 2 hours



  • Meagan will post in respective groups on Monday asking / assigning / sharing the weekly to do’s
  • Interns respond with yes/no/maybe
  • Interns execute by Sunday (7 day turnaround)


Note: What you do / raise your hand to do is completely up to you based on your availability that week. As an intern, it’s helpful if you can participate in at least one the above (or one of each) so that it lightens everyone’s load, but we can work with your schedule.


'Run bSmart' Feedback + Iteration

  • Every intern is expected to participate in weekly reflection and feedback on what would improve their work and what would improve bSmart procedures to execute our mission.  This weekly mutual reflection can take place during weekly group video chats and/or online conversations.  


2) ‘Grow’ bSmart Projects - These are one-off projects that improves bSmart

  • These are your unique ideas and initiatives that are in the idea phase
  • As they are developed and refined, they will move to ‘Run bSmart category’
  • Unless, they are meant to be a one-time project
    • Updating Website (text, design, functionality)
    • Updating Program (Blogger, CA, Events, Mentor, Interns)
    • Updating external language / postings

*Timing is fluid with ball back and forth between intern and Meagan for as long as it takes until project is updated / completed or moved to ‘run’ bSmart schedule. 

*This means that it can go as fast or as slow as intern goes.


'Grow bSmart' Feedback + Iteration

  • Every intern is expected to participate in reflection and feedback on what would improve their project and what would improve bSmart procedures to execute this project.  This mutual reflection can take place during interim check-points of the project.  


3) Misc. FEEDBACK Emails / group posting from Meagan for Feedback

  • This is an opportunity to weigh-in, give feedback if you want / and are interested, but not required in any way. No response is acceptable.
  • Meagan believes in transparency, and will often ask interns to share their work / docs for comments with all interns so everyone is on the same page and has the opportunity to cross-reference, but not a requirement for anyone.
    • Newsletters drafts
    • Blog post ideas
    • New technology, functionality, design
    • Other people’s ‘grow’ bSmart tasks

In Summary: I would expect that you participate and help in our weekly recurring ‘run’ bSmart procedures (weekly turnaround), provide updates to your ‘grow bSmart’ projects weekly, and completely up to you and giving misc.feedback whenever / however. 



*You should be engaged in at least one of the above for a well rounded experience.

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