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  3. Monday, 10 April 2017
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At bSmart we believe intentional community with a core set of values can change a life. 

(We reinforce our values through our content.)

(We provide a space for you to share your life's highest calling in our marketplace.)


*Why is this needed? Read about the current stats of women-leaders and decision-makers and our dream for you here!

*Reference our Core Values here when sharing content, interacting in our community, and creating relationships with other members.


1) Knowledge - Post under your profile

  • Post ___ number of posts per week under your profile that reinforce our core values with our community. 
    • Post Examples:
      • Your experience on a bSmart Core Value
      • News that helps you be smart
      • Quote / Inspiration (Words or Graphic)
      • Images that inspire
      • Videos that help you be smart
      • Things to do this weekend - movies, TV Shows, books, events to be smart
      • Places to eat
      • How to be smart [any category]
      • Community Question - About your life or core value topic
      • Reviews / Giveaway - Product to help you be smart with your life.
    • Places:
      • Community Stream
      • Public bSmart Group
      • Create your own affinity group

*Number of posts, categories, and affinity topic per week to be co-created and determined by you and your manager.


2) Support - Create engagement with other members 

  • Friend minimum of 5 new bSmart ladies per week + message them:
    • Share that you're a bSmart Online Community Leader
    • Ask them about their goals for their life and what they hope to get out of the bSmart community.
    • Then be sure to tag them / include them in conversations on the bSmart stream.
  • Like / Comment 10 bSmart Guide posts per week
    • Comment to the community question / post and tag new bSmart friends for them to join the conversation.
    • Respond to comments in the post thread.

*No maximum number to friending, but intend to create relationships in order to tag, start conversation, and support each person. 


3) Promotion - Connect members to helpful people and resource

  • Take 1 strategic effort to help that person accomplish their goals / dreams (or discover them).
    • Could be introducing that person to another member or sending along helpful materials. 

*If you are unsure of how to provide assistance with their goals, make a list and share with Meagan / tag Meagan and she can help / allocate.


**Participate in weekly review of community engagement with your manager and/or join bSmart Online Community weekly video chats on Sundays at 3:00 PM EST.


*When appropriate, let them know about ways to get involved in the bSmart community:

Intern for bSmart



Become a Blogger



Join a Mentor Group



Buy / Sell on bSmart



Represent bSmart on Campus


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