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  •   Ursula Choi reacted to this post about 3 months ago
    Hello Beautiful Ladies

    All of us, at one point are told that we cannot achieve something, and our goals are unattainable. We are surrounded by people who think little, who try to pull us further apart from our goals and we all are the products of that environment. So, what should one do when they feel down, and a sense of hopelessness engulfs them?


    Yes, my dear ladies, have a strong belief in yourself! Success begins when you have the strength to believe in yourself, in your convictions and stand up for them. To keep moving forward even when the winds howl in the other direction. I have listed three easy methods to think BIG and believe in yourself.

    1. First and foremost, give yourself a pep talk multiple times throughout the day.
    When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say, “I am an awesome person and I am going to have a wonderful day.” This would raise your confidence and belief. Do not let petty matters pull you down.
    2. Dump excuses and fear
    Excuses and procrastination are born from fear. Take action to cure fear.
    3. Finally, set some time for mediating on your results.
    Even after a disastrous result, set some time to introspect yourself and your work. Have the courage and strength to be your own critic and realize the good in every situation.

    Remember, no one can put you down except for yourself. The answer is quite easy; Simply believe in yourself! That is as good as winning half the battle.
    Was there any time when believing in yourself helped you?
    If yes, do share! We would love to know more.Do let us know if you would like a mini-blog series on the above described methods.

    #strength #mindfulness #perseverance
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  •   Abbi Kirollos reacted to this post about 4 months ago
    Hey bSmart ladies!

    In today’s world, it’s so easy to stop thinking and follow the millions of voices of our society, media, and even of our families and friends. We disregard our thoughts and feelings, pushing them to the back of our consciousness.

    Recently, I’ve been trying to make self-reflection an everyday part of my life, and I’ve realized a lot about myself that I would’ve have if I didn’t stop and think about it. We are so influenced by other people that we unconsciously allow them to control our lives, telling us what we can do and what we can’t do. We can take control of our lives by incorporating mindfulness in our lives.

    Therefore, I encourage you to take this time to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. Simplify them and make them clear. Even though it’s hard, try to disregard outside forces that tend to disrupt your personal thinking! It could be about anything: your future career, how you feel about where you are in life right now, or even your next vacation destination. Share in the comments below and feel free to tag as many other bSmart members as you’d like!

    #mindfulness ‏ — feeling happy
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