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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but makeup is a way to a girl’s heart.  I do believe make-up extraordinaire, Charlotte Tilbury, would concur with this statement.  Tilbury is a mother, mascara and high heel addict, as well as make-up artist who's been fulfilling her destiny in the world of fashion and beauty for over 20 years.  Fashion designers, models and actresses alike look to Tilbury for guidance on getting that flawless look.  Based in the UK, the Charlotte Tilbury make-up has hit the world with a bang as her products make us look and feel like a million bucks.  Combining her years of experience with her passion for make-up, Charlotte launched her own line in September 2013.  With both make-up and skincare in the collection, her perfectly packaged brand is quickly becoming a staple in women’s cosmetic bags.  Want to achieve skincare perfection?  Let Charlotte Tilbury show you the way.

Boardroom or desk, ballroom or disco, look to Charlotte Tilbury for all your cosmetic needs.  Treat yourself to some of her best selling products this holiday season:


1) Charlotte's Magic Cream - This cream is a secret mix of her patented anti-aging ingredients combining hyaluronic acids and floral extracts to instantly lift tired skin.  This product has been used backstage for years and now you can have the runway glow too.  (That certainly sounds magical to me!)  Looking for magic in a jar?  Look no further.

2) Filmstar Bronze & Glow – Slim, sculpt, trim and highlight your features with this multi-purpose product.  The universal shades are exactly what you needed to achieve the runway look, everyday.  

3) Full Fat Lashes – This 5 star mascara is what you’ve been searching for.  It provides curl, separation, volume, length and drama.  This mascara creates that perfect flutter that is sure to keep every woman satisfied.

4) Wonderglow – This soft-focus primer can turn dull and dehydrated skin into a dewy glow in a flash.  A cross between an anti-aging elixir with a complexion-enhancing light diffuser, this primer will instantly blur all imperfections, giving you that 'spotlight' effect.  It’s no wonder Charlotte Tilbury considers this product one of her seven wonders for your skin.

5) Luxury Palette, The Dolce Vita – Perfect for any eye color, this palette is created to mesmerize with your eyes.  Regardless of the occasion, your eyes will be sure to impress.  Paired with how-to tips, Charlotte Tilbury has made make-up artistry easy.  This palette is versatility at its finest.

As a make-up artist working in the fashion and beauty industry for over 20 years and as a busy professional woman and mother determined to look my best, I use the incredible transformative power of make-up on a daily basis. – Charlotte Tilbury

From a very young age, Tilbury has been pursuing her true destiny in life.  She was born in London, but moved to Ibiza shortly after her birth.  Considering her father was a painter and her mother was equally creative, it was only natural for Tilbury to channel her inner artist.  At the tender age of 13, she began experimenting with make-up while attending a boarding school back in England and then attended the Glauca Rossi School of Makeup in London.  Her career began as an assistant to make-up artist and personal mentor, Mary Greenwell and the rest was history.  Tilbury had discovered and was living her destiny.  She became a rising star and continues to shine bright today making women look and feel fabulous.

From a young age, I noticed the effect a beautiful woman had entering a room and wanted to understand her secret weapon. Then, at 13 I discovered mascara and personally experienced the power of make-up. I have been hooked ever since. – Charlotte Tilbury

To date she has worked with many of the industry's best - Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and Rihanna have all been on her client list.  The famous photographers, Terry Richardson, Mert & Marcus and Mario Testino, regularly commission her to contribute to their work.  Tilbury also has a long list of fashion shows and campaigns such as Tom Ford, Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, Donna Karen and Missoni. In fact, she once covered 42 shows in one season alone. Needless to say, she’s everyone’s 'go-to make-up girl.'

I believe that every woman wants to feel beautiful, powerful and sexy and that make-up is a great way to achieve this. – Charlotte Tilbury

Tilbury is passionate about promoting the positive effects of make-up and uses her platform to help women embrace their inner confidence and beauty.  With a desire to empower women, she set out to create her own brand.  In October 2012, Tilbury launched a YouTube channel and blog consisting of make-up tutorials and reviews.  After taking it to the next step with the 2013 debut of her own line, her products have been featured in over 100 magazines worldwide.  After a successful first year in England, Tilbury brought her line stateside.  Along with offering U.S. shipping on her website, many high-end department stores, including Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom and Net-a-porter.com, now carry the line.  

I know for myself that if I'm lacking energy, putting on a little makeup can genuinely turn my mood around. – Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury has certainly shaped a destiny of greatness and now she’s looking to help women establish their own destiny.  On August 22nd of this year, Tilbury launched her #MakeUpYourDestiny social media campaign.  It’s an empowering movement to transform your confidence in order to achieve your destiny.  For Tilbury, her greatest inspiration is make-up, but everyone has a different destiny.  The campaign encourages people to share a split screen image of your younger self, paired with a picture of you now and post to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with words of advice to your younger self and tagging Charlotte Tilbury, @CTilburymakeup and use the hashtag #MakeUpYourDestiny (and don't forget to nominate your friends!). Women are inspirational beings who continue to make enormous contributions to the world.  You never know when your own inspirational advice will encourage someone to discover their own destiny.

Makeup can change your life – it has the power to transform your face and confidence to change your destiny! #MakeUpYourDestiny

As the pursuit of her destiny continues, Tilbury has conquered the world as the leading make-up artist and now, brand favorite.  The mantra for Tilbury’s line is, 'Easy to choose, easy to use and always irresistible.'  Eye color? Skin tone?  No problem.  Regardless of one’s personal style, every woman is sure to find something from Tilbury’s collection that suits her look.  Considering all products from the brand include tips and tricks, all women can become confident as they enhance their best features.  A big shout out to Charlotte Tilbury for empowering all women to embrace their inner beauty and pursue the person they’re destined to be.

I love creating new formulas and discovering new beauty products, so I’m thrilled to now be pouring all of my secrets and passion into my own range. – Charlotte Tilbury

For me, make-up is my secret weapon to put my best foot forward in life. – Charlotte Tilbury

Regardless if your destiny is something you’ve always known, or something you’re still on the hunt to find, one thing’s for sure - you’re destined for greatness. Be sure to take part in the #MakeUpYourDestiny campaign because you are beautiful and empowered and here with purpose.  Who knows?  Your story might just inspire someone to change their destiny today. BE #inspired BE #empowered #bSmart #MakeUpYourDestiny.


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