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Lord knows when I go on Pinterest and spot an ultra-chic hairstyle, I won’t be able to recreate it.  I wasn’t blessed with crafty hands or skilled hair coordination, so I usually just leave my light brown layers down or in a basic pony.

However (and that’s a big 'however'), lately I’ve been digging up some serious gems on Pinterest—i.e. hair Pins that are easy to recreate.  Bonus: These breezy styles are definitely fitting for spring!  Check out our top picks for the cutest, simplest May/June ’dos.


1) The Lauren Conrad half-up/half-down


The half-up/half-down ’do is cute for any occasion, but the Lauren Conrad version has a springy twist.  Start off by curling your hair with a 1 ½ - 2 inch curling iron (we’re aiming for big, bouncy waves!).  Next, gather hair on the top of your head and place it on the crown. (Note: Normal half-up/half-down ’dos place the hair on the back of the head, but we want it up top for a sweet, lighter look.)  Use an elastic band to tie into place.  Finally, take a ½ inch strand of hair and wrap it around the elastic, effectively hiding it. Bobby pin the strand into place.  And voilà!

2) The low-rolled updo


This look is amazing for an outdoor wedding, weekend party or any slightly formal occasion.  Start off by putting your hair in a low pony—don’t tie the elastic too tight.  Then take the hair at the base of your pony and pull it apart, so it splits into two.  Take your ponytail and flip it forward through the split.  Take the remaining pony and roll it upward, toward the nape of your neck and into where your flipped the hair.  (Long-haired ladies: You may have to flip through a couple of times before you begin the rolling process.) Bobby pin into place and lightly hairspray the ’do. For a spunkier look, crimp your strands beforehand!

3) The mega-edgy French braid


If you have medium-long hair and already know how to French braid, this one’s perfect for you! (And if you don’t, have no fear. It’s easy!  Simply take hair on one side of your head (not half of your head—more like a quarter) and French braid, then braid regularly for the rest of the way down.  Lightly spray the braid with hairspray, then use a volumizing product on the rest of your hair for a big, messy look. 

4) The 'Ready for an indie concert!' look 


This one works for any hair length, and it takes about five minutes! After showering, allow your hair to air-dry halfway, then scrunch your strands using a curling gel/spray.  Flip your hair to one side and place a cute headband over your hair and around your head. You’re totally ready for an indie concert.

5) The flower child style


We love this one because it’s boho and so simple!  Make three ½ inch braids on each side of your head (totaling six).  Try to make each braid symmetrical with the braid on the other side.  Tie off each braid with an elastic. Then take the braids and pair them up, beginning with the ones closest to the top of your head.  Tie these two braids together with an elastic, then take out the individual braid elastics and undo the rest of the two braids, so that it’s simply two braids tied together with non-braided hair emerging from the elastic (make sense? Study the pic above if it doesn’t!).  Do the same for the next two, but tie together both braids plus the hair from the top two braids.  Repeat for the bottom two braids.  J’adorable! 


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