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Over the past few months, the media has been raving about the miracles of coconut oil.  However, not many people understand how beneficial it is for the human body.  As an avid supporter of the use of coconut oil, here are some of my tips on how to best utilize this ‘miracle oil’.


1) Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is probably the least known use of coconut oil, but the benefits of pulling are tremendous.  Oil pulling whitens and strengthens teeth, gums and your jaw, helps with halitosis, and prevents cavities and gingivitis.  In order to oil pull, after waking up in the morning, take around a tablespoon of coconut oil and swoosh it around in your mouth for twenty minutes as you would with mouthwash.  During these twenty minutes, you can do other morning activities, such as showering or making breakfast.  When time is up, proceed to brush your teeth as normal.  Though the process of oil pulling may seem tedious, having a naturally white smile makes the twenty minutes of swishing worth it.  Also, the delicious taste and nice smelling breath afterwards is definitely a perk!

2) Shaving Cream

Instead of using shaving cream, reach for coconut oil in your next shower; it is an all-natural product that will leave your skin feeling smooth for longer than synthetic products.  Coconut oil moisturizes your skin, and despite its name, the miracle food will not leave your legs feeling oily post-shave.

3) Deep Conditioner

Leaving coconut oil on the tips of your luscious locks for a few minutes before washing takes the lifelessness out of your hair and replaces it with shiny, hydrated locks.

4) Anything That Needs Hydrating!

I have a running joke with my roommate that goes along the lines of, ‘Is it broken? Put coconut oil on it.’  Whenever my lips feel dry, I use a small amount of coconut oil instead of Chapstick.  Coconut oil’s amazing hydrating properties also makes it a great replacement for under-eye cream and cuticle softeners.


  I have a running joke with my roommate that goes along the lines of, ‘Is it broken?  Put coconut oil on it.’  


5) Makeup Remover

This is the one tip I swear by.  I have constantly found myself annoyed at makeup removers and makeup remover wipes.  It feels ironic wiping off chemical products that I have had on my face all day with even more chemicals.  Coconut oil has become my perfect substitution for these makeup removers.  Just a little teaspoon takes off all of my makeup, including pesky BB cream and waterproof mascara (and everyone knows that any makeup remover which takes off waterproof mascara is a life-saver).  Coconut oil also doubles as a good skin hydration product afterward, making me feel refreshed after I wash it off my face in the warm shower.


Brittany Chang is a Southern California native studying at Boston University for journalism with a specialization in photojournalism.  She enjoys all things coffee related and is a sucker for cute dogs. 


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