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Focusing on beauty from the inside-out and outside-in, Poppy Stockwell’s 360 approach to skincare redefines what every woman’s skincare regime should be.  Born and raised in the Chicago area, Stockwell pursued her formal training from Tricoci University and then went on to receive her Medical Esthetic degree at True University in Chicago.  In 2013, Stockwell opened her own private practice in the heart of the Flatiron District and ever since, has been working to help women be their best selves.


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Stockwell offers four unique facials all exclusively using Eminence organic products.  While each facial works to rejuvenate the skin, she has varying techniques and treatments depending on the facial as well as the client.  No two Poppy Stockwell facials are the same.

Stockwell firmly believes regular facials are essential to maintaining beautiful, healthy looking skin.  However, more importantly, she believes beauty comes from within.  After watching her sister grow up struggling with her skin issues, she saw the direct effects your skin can have on your self-confidence and made it her mission to help every woman feel her best with a little help from the right products.

Besides regular facials every 4-6 weeks, Stockwell advises every woman to adhere to the below steps:

1) Be sure to cleanse your skin twice every day: a light cleanse in the morning to remove toxins and oil secretions from your night of beauty sleep, and a deeper clean in the evening to rid pollution and environmental build-up.

2) Stay hydrated and avoid overdoing it on caffeine and salty foods.  Instead, try adding lemon and mint to water or drinking non-caffeinated mint and dandelion tea.

3) Find balance with your daily diet—remember, your skin is your largest organ and needs to be nourished from within.

4) Stay out of the sun and wear SPF DAILY!  Most sun damage occurs in younger years, making wearing sunscreen during those years the most crucial.  Daily protection and prevention will promote healthy skin as you age.


She saw the direct effects your skin can have on your self-confidence and made it her mission to help every woman feel her best.


Finally, every woman should own the below products to ensure skin health, protection, and prevention:

1) Skin-specific cleanser

2) Gentle enzyme exfoliant

3) Eye cream

4) Antioxidant serum (something with Vitamin C is always a winner!)

5) Corrective moisturizer—something with hyaluronic acid is great for deep hydration

6) SPF is a must! Prevention is the best medicine 

While skin may be the body’s literal surface level, there is nothing surface level or shallow about caring about your skin.  ust like your heart, it’s an organ that’s crucial for a healthy life.Sticking to a daily routine, nourishing your body from within, and protecting it from the outside will ensure that you feel beautiful from 360 degrees.

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Gabriella Bower is a student at New York University.  Her two passions have always been fashion and philanthropy and she works to incorporate both aspects into her life as often as she can.  Read more of Gabriella’s work ranging from current trends to short essays and social justice oriented posts on her blog Read Between the Hemlines.


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