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Nail polish: gotta love it.  I have recently noticed an increase in fascination around nail polish and how it is being worn.  There was recently a cascade of videos and images that stormed my different social media lipstick and mascara have been put in the limelight recently as well by various media platforms, and it made me want to know what all the commotion was about.  What had the beauty trend scene come to?


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After watching countless short clips of ladies slowly putting 100+ individual layers of nail polish in different colors, textures and brands on each finger, I had to stop and think: why would anyone want to do this?  Was this a joke that had gone too far?  My curiosity led me to discover that it was a new craze which is causing quite a movement in the makeup world. 

It appeared that, for some ladies, this was a chance to take a stand in regards to how beauty and makeup trends are perceived.  They were wanting there to be less hate and more love toward one another  They felt that it should not matter whether we want to wear layers of makeup or none at all.  Putting on many layers can offer some a shield to avoid showing how they truly look, or  believe they look.  Alternatively,  it can be a way to express oneself  and be seen by other people. For others still, it was simply a gag, and they wanted to be a part of the next great beauty trend that was catching the media’s eye.


 Is layering on all that makeup worth it?


This trend has spiraled to include other makeup products, including mascara, lipstick, and more.  This expansion only goes to show how the media and news sources can have such an impact on something so menial  as how we apply makeup. Of course, as the word ‘trend’ implies, time will pass and this will all fade away. But for the moment, take a minute to watch these layering videos and really think: is layering on all that makeup worth it? Or is it time to step away from the makeup brush and embrace our natural beauty?


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