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Ah yes, Valentine’s Day is back.  Of all the days to wallow in self-pity, Valentine’s Day is by far my favorite.  As if the constant flood of fluffy teddy bears and pink and red heart-shaped chocolate boxes lining the store window displays weren’t enough, the shift from a regular amount of love songs (which, let me mention, is already a LOT) to a constant stream of ooey-gooey ‘I’ll love you till the sun dies’ melodies hitting the radio usually makes me want to crawl into a Valentine’s-Day-proof hole until February 15th.  However, I recently discovered a trick that makes Valentine’s Day a little more bearable.  And that, my dear friends, is the wonder of the Single Girl Playlist.


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The Single Girl Playlist, as the title suggests, is my Valentine’s Day (and month) secret weapon.  It' stocked with fun-loving, booty-shaking, fearless female mantras, throwbacks, and all around feel good beats.  You can throw it on when you’re in the car, play it as you dance through your house, plug it into your headphones on your walk to class or work, and hum it pretty much anytime you’re in public until the dreaded day of love has passed.  You can even throw a Galentine’s Day party, a concept created by Parks and Rec’s fabulous Leslie Knope, where you and your gals can enjoy the wonderful sounds of freedom on your Single Girl Playlist, as sung by Beyoncé.  If you’re looking to start your own Single Girl Playlist (which you should, because it rocks), then look no further than these 10 must-add songs:

1) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Cyndi Lauper

Cheesy? Yes. Effective? YES. 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' is a classic girl power anthem that reminds us all what life is really about: having fun with or without a man in your life.

2) Feelin Myself, Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé

Anything featuring Beyoncé is an obvious choice, but if that is not enough to convince you, then the beat of this song should.  This is the perfect song to add to your playlist if you’re looking for a confidence boost, or just a fun song to shake around to.

3) Ridin Solo, Jason Derulo

As the title suggests, this song is championing being single.  Jason Derulo makes riding solo this Valentine’s Day sound better than having a beau, and that’s really all we can ask for.

4) Since U Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson

The perfect get-back-at-your-ex song, 'Since U Been Gone' reminds us all how much better life can be when you’re free.

5) No Scrubs, Destiny’s Child

Another classic anthem, this song keeps our standards high and our spirits higher.  This is a personal favorite of mine for jamming out in the car, but will suit your playlist pretty much anywhere, any time.

6) Run the World (Girls), Beyoncé

This song is perfect for your Single Girl Playlist, because it is another reminder of how kick-butt girls are. You are a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man.  You are Beyoncé.  You run the world.

7) Miss Moving On, Fifth Harmony

If you’re newly single this Valentine’s Day, this is the perfect song for you.  It’s empowering and rejuvenating, and makes you want to get up and start living the single life— And it receives some bonus points for being sung by a girl band too.

8) Put Your Records On, Corrine Bailey Rae

‘You’re gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow…’  This catchy melody will have you humming all month long, and the lyrics will inspire you to keep on keepin’ on (at least until V Day has passed).

9) Wannabe, Spice Girls

As if this song needs an explanation!  'Wannabe' is a super fun, super upbeat reminder to all the boys out there that girls come first.  This is the perfect song to play while getting ready or while hanging with your girls, and will keep you feeling happy for hours after hearing it, since it will inevitably get stuck in your head.  Sisters before Misters, right Mel B?

10) Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it), Beyoncé

Because, duh. 


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