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Breaking the Internet once wasn’t enough for Kim Kardashian.  Thirteen weeks after her having her second child, Kim K. posted a censored nude selfie on her Instagram account for all of her 65 million+ followers to see.


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As I scrolled through the comments below Kardashian’s selfie, I realized a majority of them came from other women, including comments like: ‘Ew,’ ‘Bad mother,’ ‘Slut,’ and ‘Whore.’  I must confess that my initial thoughts were something along those lines as well.  Not thinking much more of this typical Kardashian drama, I kept scrolling through my feed.  However, that same day, I read a quote that said, ‘Nudity empowers some, and modesty empowers some.  Different things empower different women and it's not your place to tell her which one it is.’  I really liked this, so I began to reframe the way I thought about this stunt.  Who are we to tell Kardashian what she can and cannot post?  Who are we to comment on her Instagram, just to put her down?  Who are we to shame her for being proud of her body? 

A few days later I was listening to a ‘Man Repeller’ podcast featuring Karley Sciortino, Founder of slutever.com, about the peace of mind she found when she embraced and began to express her sexuality and femininity via the internet.  This podcast emphasized that there’s a double standard in our society when it comes to sex and the objectification of the female body.  Sciortino really opened my eyes to the idea of being who you are without shame.  In relation to Kim Kardashian, she wanted to post that photo, so who cares?


Who are we to shame her for being proud of her body? 


Part of being a celebrity is navigating public criticism, but I think insulting a woman’s choices, as a mother or female, is taking it too far.  So whether you like the Kardashians or not, it’s not up to you to decide how Kim should make herself feel confident.  Instead, choose to support a woman’s decision to express her confidence, regardless of whether it is the same way you express yourself to the world.


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