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Today, women are spending an increasing amount of money on products and treatments to cleanse their skin and body.  While there are many products and programs to help keep the body healthy and glowing, some people have forgotten the most natural and inexpensive way to care for one’s skin while also cleansing the body from toxins – water.  Water is a natural substance that’s been helping men and women care for their bodies’ health for centuries.  While some forget to drink water everyday or just don’t know how to deeply clean their skin, here's a reminder for how water can help the body inside and out from the start of the day to the end.


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The sun pours through the window and your alarm goes off in the morning.  Once you're in the bathroom, begin with splashing cold water on your face.  The coldness of the water transmits signals to your pores - whether you have big pores or not, they’ll start to contract.  Next, when you wash your face with your daily products, wash with warm to mild temperature water (the perfect balance between hot and cold).  The pores respond to the hot water (like treatments where steam is involved) by opening up for the product to sink into the skin, achieving the perfect clean.  This will give your skin a natural glimmer. 

If you're the type of person who doesn’t wear make-up on a daily basis, or takes days off from makeup and products, keep tabs on your skin.  By letting your skin have a day off, you’ll be able to observe how water affects your skin, and make changes that will help your skin improve.  Growing up, my mother would have the Evian Mineral Water Spray in her purse and let me spray it on my skin when it looked a bit dry.  I recommend this technique to anyone who wants the convenience and ease of an on-the-go spray.

If you're one of those people who multitasks in the morning, splash water on your face and let it sit there while you make breakfast or prepare for the day.  Water is Mother Earth’s moisturizer; dissolving into the skin cells to help you feel plump with hydration.  After it's nourished your skin, you can follow with your regular beauty or makeup routine

Once in the kitchen, pour yourself a glass of cold water and plan to consume up to eight glasses of water per day to keep your body charged and hydrated.  This is referred to as an eight-by-eight rule, because the glass holds eight ounces of water.  If you're consuming more caffeine or sugary drinks during the day, this may be contributing to acne and feelings of fatigue during the day.  By starting off the day with a glass of water, you’re more likely to  make healthy decisions when it comes to the intake of food or caffeine.  One way to encourage yourself to drink more water is through free smartphone apps like Waterlogged , Daily Water Free, or a fan favorite, Plant Nanny.

Water is truly the miracle source when it comes to keeping your skin clear of imperfections, but also in supporting you while you make changes to your body through diet and exercise.  Nutritionists and doctors recommend you drink a glass of water before each meal.  Even though your body is naturally sixty percent water, the water that goes into your stomach tells the brain that your stomach is close to being full.  This stops you from overeating and taking a reach for the bread basket that’s laid out on the table.


Water is the miracle source to keeping your skin clear of imperfections while you make changes to your body through diet and exercise.


Sometimes people forget the benefits water has on the body and mind.  Caffeine from coffee, soda and other sugary products damage the body and skin in more than one way.  Even worse, people can become reliant on these types of beverages.  It’s very easy to have a cup of coffee and stay full and focused throughout the day, but the body needs a cleanse.  Water serves the body on so many levels; aiding with calorie control, digestion, and the spreading of nutrients throughout the body.  If you struggle with fatigue, experts say – put down the coffee and drink more water.  The boost you get from water encourages your body to be more productive with the energy flowing through your blood, and bonus – water also amps up your metabolism.  So if that's a goal of yours, then do it girl!  Add some lemons or cucumbers for added taste.  The lemons also increase the metabolism in your body. 

Challenge yourself for one week: wake up and splash cold water on your face.  Wash your face with medium temperature water and have eight glasses of water a day.  If you don’t notice a difference immediately, remember, all good things take time!  But if you can’t notice the difference, be patient; you'll feel it eventually.  Your days will feel rejuvenated, and energy will be flowing through your body at a more moderate pace.  Most importantly, you'll feel healthy and happy about how well you're taking care of your body!    

New York City native, and soon to be Smith College graduate, Nina is taking on the world one word and photo at a time.  Growing herself into an established writer, Nina views the world through a different lense.  She hopes her work can push the boundaries of writing and open minds to new realms of thought.

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