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In the world of swimwear and all things ‘beachy,’ the opinion at large is that the skimpier the bikini, the sexier.  However, I disagree.  In the world of fashion, everybody knows that ill-fitting clothing is never in style.  So why don’t the same rules apply to swimwear?  If you ask me, they do!

It’s a common misconception (in large, because of the media), that bikinis are the only option for women of all ages, especially younger women.  I believe that presenting the best version of yourself, in the suit that best fits and flatters your body type, is more stylish than wearing a bikini just because it’s trendy.  So why is it so hard for women to feel confident in a one-piece nowadays? 


One Piece Bandeau / One Piece Wide Strap Tank / One Piece Striped Suit 

It may be because the one-piece has come to be associated with negative connotations, such as, ‘you’re not thin enough to wear a two-piece’, and ‘you dress older than your age,’ among others.  In addition to these stereotypes, the media portrays women in two pieces to be flawless; no wrinkles, freckles, rolls or cellulite.  The girls on the cover of Sports Illustrated are photoshopped and airbrushed, leaving women with an expectation for themselves that is, of course, far too high to live up to.

I’m not saying you should wear a one-piece if you don’t meet society’s expectation of looking like a supermodel in a bikini.  What I am saying  is that expressing your true style in swimwear is important, because when you feel good, you feel confident.  And confidence never goes out of style.  Not shaming the ‘skinny’ girl for wearing a one-piece goes hand in hand with not shaming the ‘curvy’ girl for wearing a skimpy bikini.


Expressing your true style in swimwear is important because when you feel good, you feel confident.  And confidence never goes out of style.


If a one-piece is calling your name, try it.  There is a one piece for every body type out there.  Let’s break the negative connotation and have all shapes and sizes in a one-piece.  If you’re more athletic looking, try one with cut-outs to show off those abs.  If you’re curvier, try the plunging neckline or cheeky bottom…or both!  If you’re skinny-mini, try a suit that gathers at the waist.  One-pieces are both classy and modern at the same time, which is something you can rarely say about any two-piece, let alone most clothing items.  This demonstrates the sophistication of a solo swimsuit.

So wear your one-piece—not to hide your body, but to flatter it.  Wear your one-piece to feel confident and empowered.  Most importantly, wear your one-piece because you want to.  


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