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Fashion has long had a reputation for superficiality and materialism.  However, in recent years, both the industry and the people working in it have strived to disprove this stereotype.  Blogs like Man Repeller show how an interest in fashion never diminishes your intelligence, Eco Age works to improve the industry’s sustainability efforts, and companies such as TOMS and Warby Parker pioneered the not-only-for-profit business model.


Shop the Tough as Marble, Educate, and Education is Key Collections here!

This summer I was fortunate enough to spearhead bSmart’s product development for three product lines where 100% of the proceeds benefits Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), an NYC non-profit that works to empower girls and their communities through education.

Our Collections

Tough as Marble was inspired by the idea that no two pieces of marble are the same — just as no two girls are the same.  Girls are tough; tougher than society gives them credit for.  Tough as Marble reminds us that all around the world, women and girls are overcoming obstacles and going against all odds, seeking an education and a better life.  

The Educate collection was inspired by the power and responsibility education gives people. Moreover, Educate encourages people to educate themselves regarding the issues and obstacles surrounding girls’ education in developing countries. When wearing a shirt from this collection, you are calling attention and taking responsibility as an activist for improving girls’ education around the world. 

Finally, Education is Key was inspired by my personal belief that education is the key to success and a crucial equalizer in society. This belief is echoed by many policy makers and activists such as Michelle Obama and Sophia Bush. Moreover, organizations such as SHOFCO strongly believe in the power of education, which is one of the reasons why bSmart has chosen to partner with them.

Our Philanthropy Partner

SHOFCO’s model focuses on 'building urban promise from urban poverty combating gender inequality and extreme poverty in urban slums by linking tuition free schools for girls to holistic social services for all.'  They stand firm in the belief that through investing in girls’ education, they can improve exponentially the communities in which these girls grow up.  SHOFCO schools 'provide free healthcare, food, and psychosocial services giving students the support they need to complete their education and the tools to find a path out of poverty for themselves and their families.'  SHOFCO is helping girls become the leaders of tomorrow.


Education is Key was inspired by my personal belief that education is the key to success and a crucial equalizer in society.


Our partnership with SHOFCO is due largely to how perfectly their model coincides with the bSmart mission of empowering the women of today so they can be the leaders of tomorrow.  You can donate to SHOFCO here, and with every level of donation you will receive products from our empowering collections.  Additionally, if you are in New York City on August 11th, we are hosting a shopping and fundraising event at WeWork SoHo South from 6-8pm.

As seen through the example of companies such as Man Repeller, Eco Age, TOMS and bSmart, fashion and social change are not mutually exclusive industries. The growing overlap between them leads me to truly visualize a future in which every company, regardless of industry,  has a socially responsible foundation, and that future begins today.


Gabriella Bower is a student at New York University.  Her two passions have always been fashion and philanthropy and she works to incorporate both aspects into her life as often as she can.  Read more of Gabriella’s work ranging from current trends to short essays and social justice oriented posts on her blog Read Between the hemLines.


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