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I’ve always considered my friends to be an important part of my life.  Whenever someone asks me what I like to do for fun, my immediate response is, ‘hang out with my friends.’  When I’m not with them, I'm constantly writing in our text group chats, sending goofy Snapchat photos, and taking mental notes of events throughout the day that I have to share with them later.  Yet as much as I love them, I sometimes forget how truly blessed I am to be surrounded by them.  Not just because they're fun or share the same interests as me, but because they're unbelievable people who teach me lessons every single day without realizing it.  And that’s exactly what a #GirlGang is.  More than just a group of pals to laugh and gossip with, a Girl Gang is a group of women who inspire you every day, who support you through all the good times and the bad, and who make you a better person just by hanging around them.  They're the key to living your best life, and having them around can make all the difference.


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Take it from Taylor Swift: if anyone knows the power of a Girl Gang, it’s this Hollywood queen bee.  Her notorious clique is a hot topic of conversation all over the internet, and not just because it is filled with stunningly beautiful models and actresses.  They're the center of the social media universe because they're a group of bold, empowered, independent women who bring their varied interests together to form one badass crew of ultra-cool ladies.  They're the perfect example of what a group of girlfriends should be; supportive of each other’s unique goals, fun-loving but serious when need be, individuals but also loyal members of a group.  What is most important about this crew is that their successes are not solely due to their individual talents.  Sure, a voice like Selena’s or a catwalk like Karlie’s are impressive, but without the love and mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual support of their friends, these women would be in a much different place.


A great #GirlGang will show you how to be the best version of yourself.


I can say the same for myself.  Luckily for me, I've gone through most of my life with amazing women by my side.  I learned how to be cooperative from the 21 like-minded girls I met at camp, how to be loyal from my close high school friends, how to be a supporter from my 60 amazing sorority sisters, and of course, how to love and be loved from my mother and sister.  When I wasn’t paying attention, these women imparted qualities of themselves into my own character, molding me into the version of myself that I am today.  More importantly, they stood by me every single time I needed it, and looking back on the obstacles I’ve overcome, I realize I cannot thank them enough.

 One thing that jumps to my mind immediately when I think of how great my friends have been were those few first months of college when I was searching for a comfort zone, a new crew, and my sense of self.  My #GirlGang helped me feel comfortable enough to thrive without them, and secure enough to form new friendships without feeling like I was losing them.  And once I had a new group of awesome girls to add to my life, the power of the Girl Gang only grew stronger, making me feel even happier in a place far from home, and even clearer in my vision of who I wanted to be.

Great girlfriends show you how to be the best version of yourself.  They’ll tell it like it is when your habits need some shaping up, and they’ll inspire you to follow their lead when they're excelling.  They give you the mental support that you crave, whether it be standing by you when you’re facing a crisis, or allowing you to text rant about how stressed you are for no good reason.  They give you the emotional relief you need to make it through the day, whether it be bringing you a coffee to class or passing along a funny story because they can tell you’re feeling low.  They provide advice about anything and everything, and they never stop rooting for you to reach every single career, relationship, and life goal you dream up, no matter how big.  They are constant reminders that you are loved, and that makes all the difference.  Though you may not always feel it, their presence is the reason you have gotten this far.  Without their undying loyalty, uniqueness, fun-loving spirits, and fierce drive for success, you may not have become the person you are today, or have accomplished the goals you have already reached.


Your Girl Gang will inspire you and support you through the good times and the bad.



So next time you and your crazy awesome group of chicks are hanging out, make sure you remind them how awesome they have been.  And to all my ladies reading this right now, thank you.  It’s been one hell of a ride; here’s to killin’ it #GirlGang style for years to come.


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