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What are the best qualities in a female-empowered friendship?

We asked and your fellow brilliant, bSmart ladies answered.  Giving and receiving support, empowerment, and expressing appreciation were the common themes shared!


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Both with your time and your heart, friends need to encourage and empower each other.  That can be as simple as sending a reassuring text on a day they have a big exam or interview, or going over to their apartment at 11pm because they're feeling lonely. ~ Gabriella Bower

When your friend cares about what you care about, simply because they know it matters to you, that is very important to me in my friendships.  This doesn't mean that your friend has to have the same level of commitment to your passions or pursuits, but it means they ask questions, cheer you on, celebrate your wins, and comfort your losses.

For me, the bSmart community and the ways we're supporting each other means the world to me.  For my friends to empower me, they don't necessarily need to be involved with bSmart, but it means so much to me when they at least care enough to ask questions or root from the sidelines.’  ~ Meagan Hooper

Empowered women, empower women.  And I just think that being a good friend is really about caring about the other person's life and interests.  So a simple question about how their blog is going, if they got that internship, etc. can go a long way in maintaining a meaningful, empowered friendship! ~ Meghan Loftus

Especially since moving to the city and getting older, I've seen how my friendships have evolved, and the ones that have truly stuck are the ones based on mutual support.  Also, female friends that don't expect perfection, and who encourage you to get outside your comfort zone (like get up on a bSmart stage! Eeek!). ~ Amanda Wowk


When your friend cares about what you care about, simply because they know it matters to you.



One of my favorite ways to encourage the wonderful women in my life is to take the time and occasionally send them little cards of gratitude, empowerment, and encouragement.  Writing out how you feel about someone is a tangible way (in that they can literally hold it) to illustrate how much you appreciate and value their role in your life.  The thoughtful little gift of a card is one that can be treasured for years to come and pulled out when the receiver needs the sentiments most. ~ Polly Hilton

I also am a huge believer in thoughtfulness.  I've learned just how much I appreciate a thoughtful text, email, sentimental gift, etc.  We are all so busy and have so much going on.  A friend that, despite how much is going on, remembers my mom is sick or that I had an AMAZING day at work—it's huge. ~ Stevie Cogan


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Great advice.


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