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The crisp scent of fall is going to be upon us before we know it.  But what fall date ideas should you do with your partner?  Here are my ten low-cost ideas that can either be done from home or nearby in your local community.  Added bonus: none of them will break the bank!


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1) Volunteer

A great way to spend time with your partner is to give back to your local community.  You and your love could partner up and find an organization that needs volunteers to help with projects in your neighborhood.  Together, you can enjoy each other’s company while also making an impact in the world. Any amount of time can majorly help various organizations like animal shelters, soup kitchens, and so many more.  Try using a search engine to get ideas for places that are close to you and your partner that you each could access and donate your time to.

2) Baking

Who doesn’t love making sweet treats?  Why not look for some easy recipes like pudding cups, cookies, or muffins, and make them together?  Then you can each try the treats out with one another and share a sugary moment that will be fun to reflect on.

3) Back to School

There is a population that cannot afford school supplies that may need your help!  You and your partner may have some gym shoes, pencil bags, or other items that are gently used.  Together you can spend an afternoon gathering these items to donate to local schools or other charity organizations.  Not only will it bring a smile to someone’s face, but it will also be a great moment for the two of you giving back to those in need.

4) Karaoke

Do you and your honey enjoy singing crazy songs in the car?  Why not crank up the tunes and take turns rocking out to songs you both enjoy.  Just take a short drive and create a short playlist you both are familiar with. See which of you can keep up with the lyrics and the beat of the music the best.

5) Netflix and Chill

There is of course the standard, Netflix and chill.  But why not have a twist on this?  Instead of picking a movie that you each are into, why not try out a film or TV show that you never would usually consider.  Or, another great way to pick the entertainment would be to ‘rock-paper-scissors,’ and whomever has the best two out of three rounds can pick the film or show to watch.  Make sure to have plenty of popcorn and snacks!  This is sure to be a great way to snuggle and bond together.

6) YouTube

Ever end up on YouTube just to look up one thing, and then you end up spending an hour scrolling through other videos?  Why not see which of you can find the silliest or funniest videos on YouTube the fastest.  This can lead to endless fun for each of you!

7) Halloween Extravaganza

Trick or Treat!  Spend the holiday with your love and go out to a local haunted house. You could also stay in and rent scary movies or tell each other scary ghost stories.  See who can scare the other one the fastest and make sure to have a place to snuggle afterwards.  Could be a fun way to spend this spooky evening together on all Hallow’s Eve!

8) Pumpkin Fun

Go out and gather some pumpkins with your love and bring them home to decorate!  Use old markers, glitter, and any other crafty items you may already have at home to make your pumpkins shine.  When it gets dark, light them up with small candles and showcase them on your porch or front lawn for all the world to see.


Together, you can enjoy each other’s company while also making an impact in the world.


9) Raking Leaves 

Lots of leaves can take over a yard, but can also be fun to play in.  Gather your sweetie and some rakes and wheelbarrows, then hit the yard.  Both of you can race to gather the most leaves and try to create the bigger pile. Whoever loses has to finish cleaning up the other person’s pile!

10) Bonfire

Need to warm up after being out in the brisk fall weather?  Why not gather some wood, blankets, and comfy lawn chairs with your partner and create a bonfire experience.  While cuddling up by the fire, you both can share scary or goofy stories with one another.  This is sure to lead to lots of great fun and a few hours of enjoyment for the two of you.

Now go on out, have some fall fun with the person you love, and make great memories together!


Jamie Miller is a 23 year old social work graduate student at the University of Illinois. She hopes to work as a case manager or college instructor post-graduation. Her writing passion includes beauty, relationships, and lifestyle tips. She is excited to share her thoughts and discoveries with everyone!


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