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Picture yourself on a white sand beach.  Tropical music plays in the background, the sun falls into your palm frond covered cabana juuuuust so, the mojito in your hand is perfectly cold and a waiter is on call to bring you another right when you need it.  Everything is perfect… until you open your eyes and realize you’re STILL stuck at home for the summer.  Trust me, I know your pain.  But being at home doesn’t have to be a bore.  In fact, you can turn your blah routine into a tropical dream by creating your very own 'staycation.'  All you need to do is pick a weekend, or even just one day, and follow these simple steps to have your summer feeling fun, fresh and fabulous again!


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Step One

The first step in making your weekend at home feel like a weekend getaway is decor.  Of course, you don’t need to remodel your backyard to resemble a beach in Tahiti, but you do need to add some new touches so it feels fresh and exciting.  Head over to HomeGoods or Target and pick out one cute decoration that feels luxurious, something you would never buy unless you came across it on vacation.  Try a patterned beach towel, a tall margarita glass, a fluffy hotel-esque robe, or something inspired by a far away place.  Use it for each day of your staycation to feel like you brought a piece of your dream destination home.  Plus, every time you use it, you will be reminded of  your very first staycation. 

Step Two

The second, and arguably most important, step is to make a killer playlist.  This can feature anything you want, whether it be your favorite songs of the moment, your guilty pleasure jams you’re slightly embarrassed to love as much as you do, or tropical background music that feels very Bahamas-beach-babe.  Whatever you pick, make sure you have it playing nice and loud as you lay out and enjoy the sun, so you can close your eyes and transport yourself. 

Step Three

No vacation is complete without delicious food and speciality drinks!  Thanks to the wonder of Pinterest, you can make your own awesome combinations with ingredients you won’t have to travel to get.  I recommend something fruity or icy, like a watermelon tequila slushie or a coconut milk and kiwi ice pop, but whatever speaks to you as relaxing and unique will work just as well.  Just be sure you make a lot of it — you’ll want to have enough to last! 

Step Four

The fourth step in creating a successful staycation is to pamper yourself (or, in the words of Donna Meagle, TREAT YO SELF).  Do a few things you would never normally allow yourself to do or have time for, but that you really love.  This can be anything from sleeping in or getting a spa pedicure, to buying something extravagant or spending the whole day in a bubble bath.  Whatever it is that suits your fancy, be sure to let loose and do it!  This will make your staycation relaxing, and will feel like a truly special occasion.


Staycations are a simple, affordable and a fun way to relax and give yourself some well deserved love.


Step Five

Be sure to tell people — your family, friends, coworkers and boss — that you are participating in a weekend of YOU time.  Try to get out of any obligations or responsibilities, if you are able to, so that you can truly be free to live your weekend to the fullest.  Treat it as though it is a true vacation.  You deserve it! 

Step Six

The last step is optional, but something that will really make your staycation memorable.  To feel like you have truly escaped, try visiting a local spot you’ve never been to, or participating in a popular local activity you’ve never tried.  Vacation is often the time for discovering and experiencing new things.  Why can’t your staycation be the same?  Plus, a cool Instagram to tell the world about your #SummerStaycation2016 wouldn’t hurt, either.

Staycations are a simple, affordable and a fun way to relax and give yourself some well deserved love.  And the best part?  You can do them whenever you want!  Don’t let the summer bore you forever — take a bSmart summer staycation and live it up, even if it's just from the comfort of your building’s rooftop.


Alex is a Junior at the University of Michigan majoring in Communications and minoring in Digital Studies. She got her start in writing at age 4 when she authored Jace the Frog, which, much to her dismay, never had much success outside her dolly tea parties. She now prefers to lend her talents to blogging and writing Instagram captions that only she finds funny. She also loves all things food.


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