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With fall’s imminent approach, for many of us, it’s time to get back to those new-year-new-me pinterest goals.  Whether it’s back to school or back to work, fall’s a time where most are stumbling back into routine (new diets, new classes, etc.) and trying to, unsuccessfully, rid themselves of the disease that is procrastination.  For any of you who find yourself in that category, here are eight be smart ways to stay productive this fall and kick procrastination to the curb.


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1) Say tasks aloud

Saying tasks aloud makes you realize just how much you actually have to do that day.  When you simply think of the tasks, they often either mistakenly seem too intimidating to conquer or small enough to push off to the last minute.  Breaking down an intimidating task out loud, helps you visualize actually doing it, therefore making the task more approachable.  On the other hand, saying seemingly small tasks aloud could help you realize that all those small tasks added up makes for quite the list that you should start sooner rather than later.

2) Eat right!

Everyone knows that if you’re putting good things in your body, you can do way more with it.  Stay away from fried foods or sugary drinks, which make you sluggish, and opt for fruit, vegetables, and tons of water.  Water makes everything better.

3) Wake up early!

Start shifting your schedule to get the seven to eight hours of recommended sleep.  You’re more likely to get more done during business hours, such as errands and office hour visits, than during the evening when everything is closed.

4) Title your alarms accordingly

Waking up early may not be the easiest, especially to those who aren’t exactly morning people.  So start the day off with some motivation.  The night before, title your alarm as the tasks you want to get done that day.  Once you see your to-do list, you’ll be eager to get up and conquer it.

5) Get your theme song ready

Speaking of motivation, science proves that music influences how you feel.  So pick out that theme song that makes you want to werk!  Or better yet, prepare a playlist to keep you moving and motivated throughout the day.

6) Part of being productive is being proactive

Sync up your syllabi!  If you’re taking classes, create one large syllabi for the semester.  It’ll be easier to see what weeks you probably shouldn’t purchase the concert ticket for, given that you have three midterms taking place.   Take advantage and plan for tasks that you know you need to take care of ahead of time.   You’re less likely to get overwhelmed during a busy week if you’ve been proactive and planned for it.


Breaking down an intimidating task out loud, helps you visualize actually doing it, therefore making the task more approachable.


7) Utilize technology

In this era of technology, we really don’t have an excuse to not utilize the resource.  There’s an app for nearly everything, especially when it comes to productivity.  Apps like Any.do and Fantastical 2 are awesome for organizing tasks.  Both apps are great for listing tasks and scheduling when to complete them.

8) Reward yourself

After you’ve stuck to your plans and completed every task you’ve needed to, reward yourself—whether it’s a cheat day for finishing that month-long workout program, or a chill-day for sticking to a study regimen.  If you’re a student, create a road map, where your midterms and finals are your major milestones and reward yourself when you’ve stuck to your plans for them.

Clarisha Bailey is a student at Boston University’s College of Communication, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Film & Television with a minor in Biology.


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