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Let’s face it: studying is the worst.  You’re either bored, tired, stressed, confused, overwhelmed, or, worst of all, hungry.  Trying to study when you’re hungry is super distracting, and, if you’re anything like me, the night will likely be less productive than if you had just eaten a snack.  So, before you hit the books, step up your study snack game with these easy and delicious recipes that will satisfy your hunger for hours and fuel your brain to work at its best.


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1) Blueberry parfait pops

Blueberries have been identified in many studies as great for brain function and memory retention, thanks to their secret weapon of antioxidants.  Make a cold tasty treat to enjoy as a breakfast, snack, or dessert by combining the frozen superfood with greek yogurt and your favorite granola.  Simply mix frozen blueberries and granola into greek yogurt, and layer alternating stripes of the blueberry yogurt and vanilla yogurt into a popsicle mold.  Freeze and enjoy anytime, anywhere!

2) Peanut butter apple nachos

Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and tons of protein, peanut butter is the delicious spread you can crave without the guilt (sorry, Nutella)! To make this yummy twist of flavors, slice up one green and one red apple and lay them out on a plate.  Then drizzle peanut butter, honey, coconut shavings, chocolate chips, and crushed peanuts on top, and you have yourself the perfect sweet and filling snack to power you through the day.

3) Thanksgiving trail mix

Thanksgiving is, or should be, everyone’s favorite holiday, just because of how amazing the food is.  But you don’t have to wait until November to get your fix of fall flavors.  Simply combine salted pecans, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips in a bag or bowl, and you have your own protein-packed Thanksgiving snack to enjoy in the library.

4) Homemade kale chips and salsa

Kale is more than just a trendy Cali-girl lunch food.  Enjoy it as a healthy and filling on-the-go snack by making your very own kale chips.  Simply cut or rip the kale into bite-sized pieces, lay on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil and salt, and bake.  Make sure the oven is at 275 degrees, your timer is set for 20 minutes, and remember to rotate the chips halfway through.  Cook until crispy, and enjoy with a salsa snack pack or your own homemade dip.  Can you study all night?  Kale yeah you can.

5) Ants on a log

Ok, this is a kids’ snack.  But I will shamelessly say that it is perfect for studying, as it is delicious, easy to make, easy to transport, and full of superfoods!  Just slice up some celery into pieces the size of your middle finger, then fill the center with peanut butter, almond butter, or cream cheese, and top with raisins!  Salty, sweet, and satisfying, even for an adult (or, if you’re like me: a kid trapped in an adult’s body).

6) Sriracha popcorn

Popcorn is a great quick and easy study snack, or the perfect excuse for a quick Netflix break.  Spice up your snack by whisking together 2 Tablespoons of melted butter and 2 Tablespoons of Sriracha, then drizzle the combo over freshly popped popcorn (pro tip: use lightly salted or unbuttered popcorn as the base for the perfect flavor balance.)  Take this spicy treat on-the-go with you for a fun and filling way to curb your hunger until your studying is through!

7) Fried egg avocado peppers

For the times when you’re really hungry before a big cram session, try this power-packed brain food treat.  Scoop out a red or green pepper, and fill the cavity with avocado slices and a fried or scrambled egg.  The flavor combination, plus the proteins and healthy fats, will put your stomach and your brain into study mode.


Before you hit the books, step up your study snack game with these easy and delicious recipes that will satisfy your hunger for hours and fuel your brain to work at its best.


8) Dark chocolate

An excuse to eat more chocolate?  Sign me up.  Dark chocolate has been identified as an agent for improving learning, memory, and focus, as well as having the power to de-stress.  There’s no recipe involved here, just head on over to the closest convenience store and load up on all the dark chocolate you’ll need to curb your sweet tooth..


Studying may be the worst, but these healthy, easy, and portable snacks make it a little more bearable. Next time you need to hit the library or are cozied up with your books right at home, try one for yourself (or, try them all… who’s counting?).  Get cookin’!  Your brain, and your tummy, will thank you.


Alex is a Junior at the University of Michigan majoring in Communications and minoring in Digital Studies. She got her start in writing at age 4 when she authored Jace the Frog, which, much to her dismay, never had much success outside her dolly tea parties. She now prefers to lend her talents to blogging and writing Instagram captions that only she finds funny. She also loves all things food.


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