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Has coupon clipping ever made you feel robbed?  As someone who gets excited about saving money, I’m always looking for new ways to save, but clipping coupons doesn’t do it for me. I mean, I tried. I spent one Sunday afternoon with the local newspaper cutting out all of the coupons that I thought would be useful for my household. I gathered them neatly in a plain-white business sized envelope and took them along on my grocery store trip later that week. To make a long story short, it was an utter disaster!  With 30 cent coupons falling everywhere, I didn’t even know where in the store to start shopping first: with my coupons, with my shopping list, or on my usual route.


Since then, I’ve learned that coupons don’t pay off for me, personally. There’s a better ways to save. As a matter of fact, I have compiled a list of my weirdest saving money tips.

1) Buy an Expensive Internet Based TV

If your TV doesn’t connect to the internet, you might be losing money! Get rid of your old TV. Two years ago, I did just that and it saves me $500 a year. Since my new TV is internet based, I’m able to stream Netflix for $8.99 a month and cut cable. Don’t want to cut your cable? Haggle with your cable company until they allow you to get the most basic cable service which they never advertise.

2) Don’t pay at the bank

Don’t pay a dime for a checking account. Unless you have some special needs, most of us can get our basic checking needs met with a free checking account.

3) Putting Money under the Mattress is a Good Thing

If saving is difficult for you, start by putting money under the mattress systematically. For some people, actually seeing their savings can give them motivation to save more. Once you save your targeted amount, go put it in an account.

4) Make the Most of What You Have

Squeeze your toothpaste and lotions bottles until they cry mercy. Or simply cut them in half when you’re done like I do to get the remainder of product out. This works with other toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner too.

5) Abandoned Coins

Don’t be ashamed to pick up abandoned coins. Really! Whether they’re from the sidewalk or from behind your couch, put spare coins in a jar and watch the pile grow. You’d be surprised how much you can save in a year and if you have kids, it’s a fun activity and teaches the value of a nickel.

6) Do Reward Yourself

Budgeting can be tiring. Make sure you have some sort of way of rewarding yourself built into your budget. This little reward can give you the motivation to keep on going.

7) Buy in Bulk the New Way

Costco & Sam’s may not give you the payoff you’re looking for, particularly if your household is small. Instead, save your membership fees buy in bulk from your favorite stores. For example, if you normally buy the 64oz Folgers coffee for an average price of $8.99, don’t hesitate to buy 5 of them when it goes on sale for 5.99. Why? It’s a $30 savings in one fell swoop! Pharmacies and grocery stores are a great place to start.  This also applies to clothing stores too!

Do you have some weird saving money tips? Share in the comments!


Miranda Reiter is a certified financial planner and founder of She & Money Financial Planning. She helps women develop a game plan for financial success so that they can stop feeling broke, meet their goals, and live the life they truly deserve. Get her free audio training on debt elimination here.


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