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Leah Fox has studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She has studied under Dr. Andrew Weil, Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine; Dr. Deepak Chopra, leader in the field of mind-body medicine; Dr. David Katz, Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center; and Dr. Walter Willett, Chair of Nutrition at Harvard University.  Leah is offering a free 4-week course called Nourish You designed to re-start your health and wellness in every area of your life.  Register here!  Read Leah's story about her approach to healthy living and her health advice for you! 

Nourish Yourself For a Healthy Life Guided by a Health Coach (VIDEO)

The food you eat, actions you take, and ways you take care of yourself, impacts your body on a cellular level

Health Coach Leah Fox

What is a health coach? 
There are many challenges people associate with living a healthy life.  People use a health coach to lose weight, increase energy, find consistency in their eating habits and in their lives. A health coach is someone who can inspire and ignite the fire to help you achieve a healthy life and bring health into the forefront of your life.  
For my clients, I look at their goals, what they’re currently eating, what changes they want to implement, and support them through education, recipes, and conversations about living a healthy life.  Living a healthy life begins with getting to the core of what's going to nourish your body and truly feed you.  I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I learned about a variety of theories that inform my work as a health coach.  

A health coach is someone who can inspire you to achieve a healthy life

Tell us about your 4-week course Nourish You?
Nourish You is a program I developed to help you re-start your routine and habits, so you can shift towards making powerful choices and healthy decisions.  It’s a four-week course, each week we focus on a different topic about health and wellness. It’s a group course that happens on the phone like a conference call setting where you  also get the recordings.  In addition to the calls, I offer different bonus resources in the form of worksheets, videos, and a recipe booklet.  The total cost for four weeks is typicall $100, but I'm offering a free course during the month of August. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to RSVP.
What does Nourish You teach so that we can have breakthroughs with our food choices, thought life, actions, and health management?
Nourish You is a breakthrough guide.  In order to breakthrough anything we apply awareness to all areas of your life.  During the course you’re going to become aware of your habits and what you choose on autopilot.  Once you have that awareness you can apply the change you want to create. You will then see the transformation of that breakthrough from old habits to good habits creating a healthy life.  

Nourish You - Register Here Today!

Free tele-course begins Tuesday, August 6th!

 Leah shopping at the Brooklyn Farmers' Market
What is your approach to food, exercise, and lifestyle management?
My approach to food, lifestyle, and a healthy life is a realistic approach.  I’m not a foodist.  I’m not a vegan.  I live by the 80/20 percent rule.  Eighty percent of the time, I’m eating fabulously well.  Twenty percent of the time I’m going to have chocolate mousse, a muffin, and whatever else!  When I work with clients, they’re not counting calories and not depriving themselves.  A healthy life is not about deprivation - it’s about adding good nutrition.
What are some practical lifestyle management techniques you teach?
Managing a healthy life starts with what you put on your plate.  As a health coach I tell my clients to add greens.  Crowding out whatever’s on your plate with fresh, delightful greens is going to flood your body with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.  Another key that is important to live a balanced and healthy life is taking time in the morning to connect to yourself.  Check in with yourself and ask, 'What’s going on today, for me?  How am I feeling?  Where do I need to be?'  Next, a healthy life revolves around honoring your body. This includes what we put on our plate, the thoughts we think, how we exercise, and the relationships we have in our life.
Moving your body is also an important aspect of living a healthy life and something I work into my routine as often as possible whether it’s a jog in the park, yoga, or anything that gets my heart rate going.  Find what works best for your body and make it a priority - because it is!  It’s what your body is here to do - to move.  I incorporate yoga into my life every day.  I always start with yoga in the morning to get myself in my body. Then if I can make it to class once or twice a week that’s a real victory. I like to do online yoga classes on YogaGlo.com.  YogaGlo.com is a phenomenal resource.
Nourish Yourself For a Healthy Life Guided by a Health Coach (VIDEO)
Leah practicing yoga


If you’re not feeling satisfied in your job or in your home environment,

you’ll reach for whatever is going to satisfy you, whether it’s a potato chip or a cookie.

Can you explain the concepts of Bio-Individuality, Primary Foods, and Integrative Nutrition Plate?
Bio-Individuality means that each body, each individual, is different.  One person’s life giving food is another person’s poison.  This is why diets don’t work for everyone because certain bodies can’t absorb what those diets are prescribing.  Bio-Individuality comes down to listening to your body, 'How did my lunch make me feel? What am I craving now? Why am I craving it?'  Instead of the focus being outwards, 'What should I eat?  What should I do?' - the focus is inwards asking yourself what to eat based on your needs.
Primary Foods (I love Primary Foods!) are those things that fill you up but you can’t literally put them on your plate.  You can’t even eat them!  They’re your relationships, career, spirituality, all the different components of your life that leave you fulfilled.  If you’re not feeling satisfied in your job or in your home environment, you’ll reach for whatever is going to satisfy you immediately, whether it’s a potato chip or a cookie.  Healthy living is really about keeping your Primary Foods in check, so that the Secondary Foods become truly secondary.
The Integrative Nutrition Plate Guide is like the Food Pyramid, but it’s the Integrative Nutrition version.  On the plate, it has protein, grains, a spot for your greens, and on the outside of the plate it has the Primary Foods; spirituality, relationships, and career. It looks at what you're physically putting on your plate as well as how your Primary Foods are being met.

Primary Foods are things that fill you up but can’t literally put on your plate.  

They’re your relationships, career, spirituality, all the different components of your life that leave you fulfilled.

What did you learn at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition?
I learned that one diet doesn't work for everybody.  While it's not as easy as you might like it to be, you do have all the information you need inside of you.  Often the answer for many lies with whole foods.  Whole foods are foods that have one ingredient; things that come from the earth.  What’s in a strawberry?  A strawberry, that’s it.  If it takes the lab to make the food, you shouldn’t call it food.  Instead of leaving you full of energy, it’s going to leave you depleted of energy. That’s something that’s certainly discussed, but also the concept of integration of your lifestyle.  It is going back to those Primary Foods and seeing how your lifestyle impacts the food choices you make.
What did you learn from each of the mentors you worked with?
I learned that something has to change in our healthcare system and in the way we take care of ourselves and aim for a healthy life.  We have to be more proactive to change what we’re eating so we don’t even get sick.  It’s like being your own doctor and going back to what keeps you healthy. You can take your power back by taking responsibility for your nutritional needs.

Bio-Individuality comes down to listening to your body


About Leah and Healthy Living

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment personally or professionally?
My biggest accomplishments are all of the little pieces put together to make up my life.  I have an incredible husband.  I have a sacred home.  All these little things put together make waking up fun most days.  Rough days exist too but not as frequently.  My life didn’t always look like this.  There were years when I was craving a boyfriend,  living in a one-and-a-half bedroom apartment with three girls!  That was fun at the time, but what it comes down to is the ability to move forward.  I’m constantly striving to become the best version of myself, and what that means for me today is different than what it meant for me a year ago.
What have been your greatest lessons learned about your health and wellbeing?
Keep it simple! Go back to the earth! That’s where the food comes from.  A real challenge I’ve had and still try to combat is eating when I'm stressed or eating to dull an emotion. That might be one of the biggest challenges that I am still up against.
I think alcohol is great when it’s shared with friends and for a celebratory occasion.  The trouble with it is it often can be turned to as a way to escape or numb what you’re experiencing.  A health coach I once worked with said, 'The energy you take in is going to be the energy that flows into your body.'  So if you’re drinking the glass of wine out of desperation or exhaustion, frustration, then you’re just feeding yourself more of that.  But if you’re drinking a glass of wine with your family or friends, and it’s an uplifting experience, then you take that energy in.  

Leah at her home in Brooklyn

What advice would you give your younger self about holistic wellbeing?
I ate terribly! If I gave myself advice, it would be, 'Eat your greens, Leah!'  It’s almost as simple as that to set up a healthy life. Add your greens!
If you could write the rest of your story, where do you see A Well Fed Body 5 years from now?
I’ve seen my health coaching touch the lives of many people and hopefully in five years, that looks like hundreds or even thousands.  In five years, I see my health coaching evolving into something as powerful as celebrating the individual so they can then express themselves to their fullest creative capacity.
What do you want all bSmart members to know about your story that would help them bSmart too?
An important part of my story has been the act of developing a relationship and a communication with myself.  It’s being your own coach first and foremost.  This is best described as listening to your intuition or your gut and finding ways to live a healthy life.

The energy you take in is going to be the energy that flows through your body 


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