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Selling your stuff — whether pre-owned or hand-crafted by you — can be immensely therapeutic.  Getting rid of old belongings you haven’t touched in months can create a satisfying feeling of decluttering your house and your life while turning a profit.  Conversely, some hobbies-turned-businesses, like candle or jewelry making, can provide a way to relax and to make money at the same time.  In the Internet Age, it’s incredibly easy to sell your stuff online.   Dozens of apps and websites exist for this very purpose and it's only a matter of finding the one that's right for you.


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Etsy has become the iconic online marketplace, and an ideal place to open your first shop.  People are familiar with Etsy, and it's seen as a trustworthy site and app.  Due to its size, Etsy is able to provide support services and extensive help in starting up your business.  It does, however, charge small listing and processing fees.

bSmart Market

The bSmart Market is operated by the online community for women, bSmart Guide.  Out of the markets discussed, it's the only platform which gives members a chance to offer their services or classes.  It doesn't have an app yet, but the mobile-friendly site is easy to purchase from.  The bSmart Market fosters integrity by pre-screening products, classes, and services before allowing them to go live.  The marketplace is also unique in that it specifically focuses on supporting and empowering women-owned businesses.


Unlike the other marketplaces listed, which focus on globalizing one’s wares, Wallapop chooses to focus on local buying and selling for convenience.  As such, it's most prevalent and therefore most useful in metropolitan areas.  Wallapop focuses primarily on selling previously owned items.  Though products can be viewed on their website, transactions are only possible on the app, which is available in the AppStore and on Google Play.


Selling your stuff — whether pre-owned or hand-crafted by you — can be immensely therapeutic.



Poshmark, like Wallapop, focuses on selling previously-owned products.  Visitors to Poshmark use the site to purchase or sell fashion items, including clothing, shoes, and accessories.  Poshmark is available both online and as an app.  It also channels the popular site Pinterest by encouraging members to draw outfit inspirations from other members.  Poshmark also gives members the unique opportunity to negotiate prices.   


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