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Let’s be honest: emojis have become a game changer in the world of modern messaging.  They add so much pizazz and spice to any old ‘Hey, how are you?’ text or facebook chat.  Now you can show anyone exactly how you’re feeling with one simple blushing, smiley, giddy emoticon.  There really isn’t any excuse to ever misunderstand someone via text because there is an emoji for any emotion.  Some of these emotions include: angry, sad, excited and my personal favorite, cry-laughing.  Although emojis are great for conveying how you’re feeling, did you also know they can be used to empower others?  Before you hit send on your plain old sentiment ‘Good job on your presentation today,’ choose from the following emojis to drive home your point.


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Sassy Girl

The girl with her hand to her side as if she’s saying, ‘Girl, please. I got this!’  You know you love her.

Praise Hands

Throw it up because you, my friend, have a higher power on your side.  Let ‘em know.

Party Popper

Everyone loves a celebration and when you do something great, it’s worth bringing out the confetti.

Thumbs Up

A classic choice, but still delivers a reassuring and empowering encouragement to any text.


Self-explanatory.  If only it had an accompanying slow-clap sound effect.

Fist Bump

Walking by a coworker, you know this signature move to proclaims, ‘You the (wo)man.’


You’re practically royalty and are one step closer to being crowned Queen B. Illustrate it with this snazzy image.  

Wine or Martini

Send one of these little guys as a means of encouragement, and the recipient will be dreaming of happy hour with you in no time!  Cheers.


You are perfection.  100%. No higher emoji honor than this empowering digital digit.

Girl with the crown on her head

As if the stand alone crown isn’t enough, it’s all the more empowering when you wear your crown.  Go ahead, it looks good on you.


You see?   Emojis can express all emotions; they can be funny, but they can also empower your girlfriends.  Even if you can’t be right beside her before she goes in for that big interview, she can feel the positive vibes with every emoji you send.  If you’re feeling really generous with the empowerment, might I suggest sending them all.  It would look a little something like this:


E.1 E.2 E.3 E.4 E.5 E.6 E.6 E.7 E.8 E.9


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