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A guest on a segment of Steve Harvey’s national television show discussed what it will take for her to make her next career move.  Steve Harvey said it best, 'If you do not JUMP, you will never soar!'  Of course, I understand the thought of jumping off anything sounds terrifying.  But when is it the ‘right’ time to break the constraints of your safety net?


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Some of us had that moment when we wanted to make a major move, but our fear pulled us back from doing so.  It’s like booking your dream trip.  Just as you’re about to book it, excuses start to flood your mind, thinking of all the obligations you have before attempting to pull out a luggage and board a plane anywhere.  For me, it’s overcoming my fear of being vulnerable and finding comfort in my own voice.

Thanks to the universe aligning stars, I was pointed to Brené Brown, Texas-bred author and public speaker, and her bestselling novel Daring Greatly.  Her novel shares ten guideposts for what to cultivate and what to let go of to live a happy wholehearted life:

1) Cultivating Authenticity: Letting Go of What People Think

2) Cultivating Self-Compassion: Letting Go of Perfectionism

3) Cultivating a Resilient Spirit: Letting Go of Numbing and Powerlessness

4) Cultivating Gratitude and Joy: Letting Go of Scarcity and Fear of the Dark

5) Cultivating Intuition and Trusting Faith: Letting Go of the Need for Certainty

6) Cultivating Creativity: Letting Go of Comparison

7) Cultivating Play and Rest: Letting Go of Exhaustion as a Status Symbol and Productivity as Self-Worth

8) Cultivating Calm and Stillness: Letting Go of Anxiety as a Lifestyle

9) Cultivating Meaningful Work: Letting Go of Self-Doubt and “Supposed To”

10) Cultivating Laughter, Song, and Dance: Letting Go of Being Cool and “Always in Control”

Since taking Brown’s advice, and getting out of my comfort zone, I’ve been rewarded with an abundance of new opportunities, meeting new people and gaining new experiences.  In doing so, I agreed to join an excursion to JUMP off a cliff in Negril, Jamaica with a group of friends in June.  I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit I’m freaking out.  But my inner adrenaline and the confidence I’ve gained by steps to getting out of my comfort zone will carry me through the leap of faith.  This might sound crazy, but when you start to train your thoughts and act on what you want in life, opportunity will find you.  It’s already working for me.


When you start to train your thoughts and act on what you want in life, opportunity will find you.


Are you ready to JUMP?  Of course you are!  Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are.  By reading Brown’s book, I’m pretty confident that you’ll soon be taking your own kind of plunge. 


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