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What is the Best Advice For College Graduates? // What Advice Do College Graduates Want to Hear?

We asked and your fellow brilliant, bSmart ladies answered.  Recent bSmart grads wanted to know how to save their money and if your dream job is attainable? Read how to achieve both, below. 

Does the dream job exist?

How many jobs did it take you post graduation to get to a job you truly enjoyed?  Oprah said, "Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do" - But how long will that take?  And where do you draw that line? ~ Gabriella Bower

I think it would be interesting to find out how many college graduates use their major in their first job post graduation.  I feel as though often times you hear people say that they don't even end up in their field of study but, I wonder how true that statement is? ~ Meghan Loftus


I moved to New York City and worked in finance while auditioning with my theatre degree. I believe that if you want big things (big career, big city, big paycheck) then your first eight years out of college will have challenges that are equally big.  The advice I want to give is to prepare for big challenges and big failures and know that is the path to big success. Don't try to avoid challenges and failures, rather, take as many risks as you can in order to rack up many challenge and failures. And join a bSmart Mentor group to support you along the way! ~ Meagan Hooper


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How do I manage my money?

As a soon-to-be grad, the idea of managing personal finances after graduating has been on my mind.  I'd love to hear tips about how to stay on track with money while living on your own + supporting yourself for the first time! ~ Brooke Safferman


We've ALL had those weeks where we're super tight on money, even asking to borrow from parents or having to ask around to see who needs a babysitter to make some extra cash.  Even now, there are weeks I look at my bank account and cringe.  It's a hard balance between living this BIG life I've built for myself, and wanting to make it bigger, but then seeing the challenges that go along with it.  Many wiser and older friends say, "Now is the time to do that!" and so I listen and try to be as responsible as I can. I am confident that it will all work out, because that's the type of person I am - as are all of you - we won't stop until we're happy! So: my advice to college graduates?  As hard as it is, try to stop yourself from stressing.  Enjoy this time before it flies by. Take risks. Say YES. Be a little irresponsible - if not now, then when? ~ Stevie Cogan


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