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Shaking in your boots at the idea of starting your internship?  Been there, done that...a few times actually.  It can be a scary situation at first to some, while others can find it to be very exciting to start a new internship.



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If you’re the nervous type like me, read my tips to shake off your nerves before the big first day:

1) Try setting up a brief phone call or meeting prior to your start date with your supervisor to go over your typical daily schedule.  This is a great way to prepare in advance before your start date and can answer any questions you may have.

2) ‘Shake it off, shake, shake it off!’  As the Taylor Swift song goes, why not just dance around?  Dancing can be a great way to pump yourself up!  It can be done the night before of the morning of the big day.

3) Take a nice bubble bath the night before the big day.  If you like, light a few candles or incense to create an aromatic and relaxing environment.  Calming music playing softly in the background could also help put your mind at ease while soaking in the tub.

4) Go out with a friend for a quick drink (alcoholic or not) and talk about what is making you feel nervous about your first day. They may be able to relieve some of the stress or anxiousness you may be feeling. Which is a great boost for your confidence having your friend at your side understanding how stressful this new experience might be for you.  

5) Like to workout? It can be a great way to boost your confidence when preparing for your internship. Try something new like running, swimming, pilates, or any other way to stay in shape! Feeling good about yourself helps put you in a great mindset for your next steps forward.

6) Fashion is key!  Take a few moments the day before to plan out a few first day options so that you’re not only professionally dressed, but you feel confident and like yourself.

7) Write out all the things you are scared of facing on the first day. As you move through your internship and overcome each one, scratch out the fears off the list. Once these fears melt away, you are sure to feel strong about how your internship started and how you have developed during it.

8) If you have jitters about being up and ready in time, try getting up a few days in advance and doing your getting-ready routine.  This practice will help you figure out timing so by the time the first day arrives, you’re a pro!


Once these fears melt away, you're sure to feel strong about how your internship started and how you've developed during it.


9) Enjoy hot tea?  Try relaxing with a cup the night or morning before you begin.  There are many kinds of teas that are designed to help calm jittery feelings, like chamomile, lavender, and vanilla teas.  Drinking one of them can be a small way to boost yourself upwards before taking on the new experience.

10) Most importantly, remember that this is a learning experience, so making mistakes is okay!  Making mistakes gives you a chance to learn, adjust your style, and be prepared to  overcome them the next time you face a similar situation..  

Here is to you and your new adventure in the professional world!  Your internship will be another great stepping stone as you move toward your future career.


Jamie Miller is a 23 year old social work graduate student at the University of Illinois.  She hopes to work as a case manager or college instructor post-graduation.  Her writing passion includes beauty, relationships, and lifestyle tips.  She is excited to share her thoughts and discoveries with everyone!


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