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    Hellooo bSmart ladies!

    Summer is just around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I am definitely feeling more inspired to get in some physical activity and adopt healthy life habits. Fortunately, with longer days and vacation time, Summer is a best time to do so!

    I’ve recently made a list of simple tips I could follow to initiate a healthier lifestyle. Here are some of of them:

    1) Drink more water
    2) Replace TV time into gym time
    3) Include veggies in all your meals
    4) Take the stairs
    5) Have an idea of what your meals will be like each morning

    These are extremely simple tips that anyone can follow and incorporate into their life quickly. I believe that to bring change, you must first set attainable objectives. Personally, I feel that these quick, easy tips will allow me to achieve these goals in a way that doesn’t hinder me.

    What are some ways that you stay healthy? Share your tips in the comments below and feel free to tag other bSmart members! I would love to add other ideas to my list and I’m sure many others would love to know these tips as well!

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