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    Hi bSmart ladies!

    Like some of the others, I spend enormous time on my mobile device every day. And I would like to share 5 Smartphone Applications I use for self-improvement:

    1. Podcasts. On Point Radio from WBUR is a political radio show I listen every morning on the way to campus.
    2. Keep and Nike+RunClub. Two awesome workout apps.
    3. Feedly. An awesome news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android. I use it to catch up with newest long-form and investigate news stories.
    4. Day One and GoogleOneNote. I use Day One to write journals and Google OneNote for my reading notes.
    5. iTunes U. It contains a lot of high-quality online courses such as Game Theory from Yale University.

    What’s your top 5 Smartphone Applications? Share with our bSmart ladies!
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