• An announcement for any current or potential BSMART BLOGGERS...

    For the month of November, we're inviting you to test your limits, bloggers. Start entertaining some new thoughts, incubate some new ideas as October comes to a close. Try branching out on your subject matter next month. Who knows? You could stumble across some material of great interest to you which you might never have explored otherwise!

    A prompt for any bloggers who are also CAMPUS AMBASSADORS...

    We have a project for you CA's! As October comes to a close, start making a mental list of some women you admire on campus. Maybe it's a friend, maybe it's a female professor, or maybe it's a student who you've never spoken to, but you've just always admired something about them...

    Now's your chance to connect with them! Ask to interview them for a bSmart blog post to be featured on the site. In writing about their story, you'll be learning the steps they took in order to get to where they are today, and you'll be facilitating a relationship with them that you may draw upon in the future!

    We'll follow up next week with a list of new potential blog-post content.

    Happy Blogging!

    Sofia Bianchi

    PS. For any of you hesitating to approach somebody you admire who you haven't spoken to before...

    (In my English class last year at Fordham, we read a fascinating essay in class about an interesting social tactic: in how initiating a relationship with someone by asking this person-in-question for a small favor, relative to something of interest to them, will actually make them want to maintain the relationship. The essay focused on a letter exchange between Benjamin Franklin and a close colleague. It is statistically proven that it makes people feel good when they feel that they have helped somebody, and that they will naturally try to recreate this feeling by continuing to help you out--so don't hesitate to approach somebody who you have never spoken to. Most likely, they will actually enjoy and feel flattered by the fact that you have approached them.

    Also-my apologies that I can not give the direct source at this time. I will have to re-obtain the book where I initially read up on this study and provide a link for anyone who would like to further read up on this phenomenon. I would highly recommend the full read! I was always one to shy away from; rather than to forwardly approach; the people I admired, before reading this essay. Tremendously fascinating.)
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