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    Hi Everyone!

    Regarding our NYC monthly meet-up from last night - In general, people shared what they need most right now is guidance for how to spend their time (personal, professional, which projects to pursue, or how to create structure as an entrepreneur.)

    What I've benefited from learning, is that it comes down to time management (specifically, what your calendar looks like.) The book that impacted me the most on this topic was 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

    1) Block off your calendar in advance

    In short, you take a few moments at the beginning of every day, week, and month to block out time on your calendar for your priorities (roles and goals). This way, you're living a proactive life versus reactive (letting others, emails, boss, or clients determine how you spend your time.)

    2) Schedule your time in accordance with your values and priorities

    How do you determine what to block out on your schedule? This comes down to your values and personal / professional mission statement. It's how YOU decide you want to spend your time based on what's important to you. They provide this tool for developing a mission statement.

    3) Do less, require those around you to help more (like men do)

    Practically, how much time should you spend on work, fun, friends, rest? The book is divided in two parts - managing yourself and managing others. In both sections, it talks about scheduling time to 'sharpen your saw' or 'feeding the golden goose' of production. As women, we've been socialized to give and serve WAY MORE than men have been socialized. This results in a calendar that is filled with work and doing because we believe that's the only way to get ahead with our careers and maintain friendships.

    The truth is that we need to schedule far more time resting, relaxing, enjoying our meals, spending time by ourselves and with our loved ones than our calendars typically reflect. YES - it is possible to become the boss lady of your dreams if you do this. You will have to allocate more, demand more, draw more boundaries, and require more help from those around you (employees, colleagues, investors, friends, and family, etc.)

    Simply put, women do more and expect less. Men do less, and require everyone around them to help them with their personal and professional goals.

    You will have to do less if you want to enjoy your life, but you will have to require those around you to do more for you to accomplish your personal and professional goals (especially if you run your own business and/or have children.)

    4) Ask your inner wisdom for direction and clarity as often as possible.

    And finally, where does the direction come from as to how you spend your time working, resting, choosing projects and so forth? You inner wisdom that operates with joy (the quiet voice inside that speaks intuitively) and not your mind / ego that operates out of fear. Listening to this voice can come in many ways, but it takes practice and it's a skill that's cultivated. Headspace is a great app for learning to listen in the silence, journaling, walking in nature, and meditation all can help.

    *But the most important step is to ASK your inner wisdom every day (and as often if you like) for clarity and direction as to how to spend your time, cultivate your passions, and to know what projects to pursue and how to manage them. The voice of your inner wisdom will increase in volume the more you turn inward and ask those questions. The answer will always come.

    Much love,

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