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    Hi bSmart ladies! Today’s mindfulness theme is: Know your voice!

    Today is finally November 6th-you know what that means...VOTE VOTE VOTE. I am so excited to cast my votes that it inspired me to write this poem to match the theme of the day. Hope you all enjoy this poem and enjoy participating in today’s midterm elections by casting your votes!

    To the Ladies: Midterms 2018

    Today the 6th of November has come
    In the midst of this nationwide conundrum
    Stands you. A woman, a heart, a mind
    Making a difference, one choice at a time
    Choose to speak. Choose to be heard
    Understand the power that is marked by your word
    Voice your opinions, voice your thoughts. Give a voice to a future beyond what you’ve been taught
    Beyond the conventions, beyond the taboos
    This is our new world, our new world we choose
    Oh ladies take a hold of this glorious day
    Enjoy imagining the world in this beautiful way
    Where every person speaks, and harmony prevails
    Where violence is absent and we love without fail
    Can you see a world that looks just like this?
    If you do, tell the polls-and it lies in our midst.

    Happy Voting!
    Sofia Bianchi

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