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    Hi ladies, happy Monday!

    Lately I have been working a daily meditation into my routine. I have always been one of those people who struggles with meditation. I seem to find it very difficult to 'shut off my mind.'

    Recently, I tried a different approach. I am a visual learner, and something that always helps me when I meditate is to imagine a spinning ball of light above my forehead brightening and softening with each inhale and exhale.

    I have found that this is extremely relaxing, and it helps for me to start the day with a positive attitude. I also find that I get so much more done by simply taking five to ten minutes to indulge in this utterly blissful practice.

    Amidst a very busy life, I find it so helpful to center myself. I hope this inspires you to take up meditation, or to reconsider it if you haven't tried this technique before!

    Much love for your week!

    -Sofia ‏ — feeling great
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