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'Knowledge is pleasure' – these were the first words I saw upon opening my What’s in Your Box? shipment.  What’s in Your Box? is an organization whose aim is to ‘open the dialogue around women’s sexual health to empower all women to explore their bodies freely without shame.'  I'm a 24 year-old woman who has never bought a sex toy or purchased any products to enhance my arousal and sex life, so needless to say, I was excited and curious about receiving a package from such a sexually empowering and informative organization.  My curiosity and excitement were definitely fulfilled by my first What’s in Your Box? experience and I highly recommend you subscribe.  According to their site, ‘each month, WIYB subscribers receive a discreet delivery to their door including four to five product samples for sexual health, hygiene, and pleasure (retail value up to $50).  From toys to washes, lubricants, condoms, lingerie and so much more, What’s in Your Box? provides you with the latest and greatest vagina-friendly items in a fun, convenient and affordable way.’


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There's a stigma associated with women owning their sexuality, feeling confident in their sex lives, and knowing about and maintaining vaginal hygiene.  I recently bought and started using a menstrual cup and the reaction I got from people about how it works (i.e putting it inside of you and emptying the blood out every so often) was insulting.  I’m not sorry if my period or my vagina are uncomfortable subjects for you.  Receiving my What’s in Your Box shipment and using their packaged products helped me realize that discussing my sex life or exploring sex in new ways shouldn’t be gross or shameful.  I’m learning to own my sexuality and sexual health more and I’m glad there’s an organization that supports that.

Exploring and using the products mailed to me was empowering—the sexual arousal gel specifically.  In my box I received three kinds of female arousal gel (which you apply to the clitoris).  It’s easy to use, not messy at all, and best of all, feels sensational (no pun intended).  You can apply it yourself to ease into the mood or have your partner apply it for a little extra play.  Not only was experimenting with the products in my What’s Your Box? shipment empowering for myself as far as owning my own sexuality and sexual experiences but it was also empowering for my relationship—we could learn about the sexual and vaginal health products together and figure out what works well in the bedroom, for me, and for us.

Along with three different kinds of arousal gels, I received a Lovebug Yeast is a Beast probiotic to help with potential vaginal itching, burning, discomfort, and smells.  It's suggested you take one a day along with a meal.  Receiving this product was pretty close to fate considering I just had a conversation with my gyno about my vagina’s health (specifically relating to yeast) because that’s been a concern for me.  I take one probiotic everyday and I feel like it’s a small way of taking control and owning my vaginal health.  Remember ladies, your yearly gyno appointment shouldn’t be the only time your vaginal health is a focus.  Make sure to check in on it and keep it healthy everyday.  Receiving (and now knowing about) this probiotic has made me more aware of how my vagina feels and smells so I’m grateful to have found a product that jives well with my lady part and me.


What's in Your Box? is a monthly subscription box filled with products for a woman’s pleasure, health, hygiene, and empowerment.


In addition to the Lovebug Yeast is a Beast probiotic and Sensuva ON arousal gel, I received what may be quite possibly the best (and most romantic) smelling candle I’ve ever burned–and used!  The Babeland Honey Almond Massage Candle is not just for burning, it’s for massaging too.  According to the What’s in Your Box? product description card, ‘not only does it create a lustful lighting that raises libido, this fun-size massage candle melts into a warm body balm perfect for a relaxing rubdown.’  How it works: ‘Once liquified, blow out the flame and dip your finger into the pool of massage lotion to check the temperature is to your liking.  It should feel smooth and slippery...in more than just one place.’  What’s better than a dual action candle?  Especially if a sensual massage is involved…

Along with the massage candle, my What’s in Your Box? shipment kindly included a pack of matches to help get my massage started. The matchbox design, ‘Burn baby burn’ was made by WIYB’s creative director, Jen Serafini.  Not only was my box informative, empowering, and useful but it was a great dose of trendy and creative too!

Box 5

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And last but not least, the hippie, socially-conscious, and eco-friendly side of me was enthralled by a pack of Sustain Ultra Thin vegan and fair trade condoms.  These condoms help the environment and your body by keeping out harmful toxins while having sex, and according to What’s in Your Box?, 10% of all profits are used to support women’s health initiatives...condoms for men that support women’s health?!  Especially in this time of political turmoil when male politicians keep making health-related decisions for women because they think they know what’s best for our bodies?  This isn’t too good to be true folks, this is the world (and bedroom) changing for the better.

My shipment supply has almost run out so it’s definitely time to jump on this opportunity to access  safe, healthy, and empowering sex and vaginal health, and subscribe to their monthly shipment.  Just one box restored my confidence in my sex life and my reproductive health.  I highly recommend you visit their website, whatsinyour-box.com to learn more and find out how you can unabashedly own your sexual health and sexual performance.  Remember, knowledge is pleasure (and empowerment)!


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  1. Elizabeth

SUCH a good idea!

  1. Meagan Hooper    Elizabeth

You should subscribe!

  1. Meagan Hooper

Sexual health is SO important. A very empowering service and post!


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